Episode 3.07 : Studies in Modern Movement

  • Community
    • Episode Premiere : November 10, 2011
    • Distributor : Yahoo, NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Krasnoff Foster, Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Britta and the gang help Annie pack her things and prepare for her move into Troy and Abed's apartment. Britta warns that Annie will get sick of Troy and Abed soon, but Annie disagrees. As if on cue, Troy and Abed appear playing horns and singing loudly. Even more annoyingly, they want to "live tweet" Annie's move rather than, say, helping. Only Jeff isn't helping Annie move; he's pretending to be sick, but he's really shopping at the mall.

When Abed uses all of Annie's packing tape to affix Troy to the wall, Annie starts to panic. Will she really start to hate these two if she moves in with them? Britta tells Annie she's got to loosen up, and things will be fine. Annie decides to give it a try, even when she sees Troy wasting all of her bubble wrap. At the mall, Dean Pelton bumps into Jeff. Pelton threatens to tell the gang that Jeff isn't sick at all unless Jeff will spend the day with him.

Shirley tells Britta that Annie, Troy and Abed shouldn't live together because it's immoral. Britta scolds Shirley for being so judgmental. To further rebel against Shirley, Britta picks up a hitchhiker. Britta's move backfires; he immediately appeals to Shirley because he's also obsessed with Jesus. At Troy and Abed's apartment, Annie realizes she doesn't really have a bedroom. It's more like a blanket fort. Annie tries to remain laid back about it, but it's clear it's a bit of a struggle.

Pelton forces Jeff to join him for lunch before performing some karaoke duets. Meanwhile, Pierce has some trouble restoring Annie's old apartment so she won't lose her security deposit. On the road, Britta and Shirley learn that their hitchhiker is named Jesus and he's... um... the son of the Lord. Britta warms to this nut - especially since he thinks marijuana should be legal - but now Shirley's left feeling uncomfortable and judgmental again. Back at Troy and Abed's apartment, Annie tries to make her blanket fort a home.

When Jesus sings a song against "race mixing," both Shirley and Britta kick him out of the car. Meanwhile, Dean Pelton and Jeff both enjoy their time singing duets. But then Dean Pelton lets slip that he's been hacking into Jeff's Greendale email account. Jeff is livid and calls an end to this newly formed alliance. Troy and Abed perform a puppet show for Annie, and it seems the three of them might really hit it off as roommates. But then Annie stumbles upon an empty second bedroom that Troy and Abed call the "Dreamatorium." She finally loses it; why is she being forced to live in a blanket fort when this empty extra bedroom exists?!

Furious, Annie makes an ultimatum: either the Dreamatorium is her bedroom or she's leaving. When Troy and Abed put up a fight, Annie says she's tired of trying to adapt. She's always trying to compromise, but now she feels it's Troy and Abed's turn. Back at her old apartment, Annie finds Pierce still futzing around. She asks him to help her move all of her stuff back into her old apartment. But when Pierce and Annie go back to Troy and Abed's, she sees that they moved all of her stuff into her very own bedroom.Finally, Jeff shows up to Troy and Abed's to help out. Looks like he's finally had a crisis of conscience about abandoning Annie during her move. But Britta and the gang immediately start making fun of Jeff's karaoke singing. Turns out Dean Pelton tweeted the entire performance!






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