Episode 3.04 : Remedial Chaos Theory

  • Community
    • Episode Premiere : October 13, 2011
    • Distributor : Yahoo, NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Krasnoff Foster, Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Troy and Abed invite the gang to their housewarming party. It's not exactly a rager, especially since their place is decorated in a nerdy, pop culture-obsessed way. Troy disregards the fact that Shirley cooked a homemade pizza and tells her he ordered pizza instead. Then Troy and Abed suggest everyone play Yahtzee.

When nobody wants to let in the pizza deliveryman, Jeff rolls the Yahtzee dice, thereby creating six different realities. In this one, Annie goes downstairs to get the pizza. Pierce volunteers the fact that he had sex with Eartha Kitt while Britta puts the Police on the iPod. Moments later, Troy finds a gun in Annie's purse. Jeff hits his head on a ceiling fan, and then Annie reenters with the pizza. And just like that, the pizza deliveryman buzzes once more and a new timeline is born.

Jeff rolls the number four, sending Shirley downstairs to get the pizza. Shirley leaves her homemade pies in the oven while Britta sings "Roxanne" before excusing herself to the bathroom. Pierce offers Troy a traditional Norwegian troll as a housewarming gift. It creeps Troy out. Jeff stands up and hits his head on the ceiling fan. Then Shirley returns with the pizza, furious that her homemade pies are burnt to a crisp.

In the next reality, Jeff sends Pierce to get the pizza. He tells a gross story before leaving. Britta puts the Police on the iPod. Shirley checks on her pies while Britta goes to the restroom. Jeff insults Troy, and he storms into the restroom where he finds Britta smoking. Troy tells Britta he's sick of Jeff picking on him. Britta makes Troy feel better - by insulting Jeff. Jeff hits his head on the ceiling fan and gets some tender care from Annie.

In the following reality, Jeff chooses Britta to let in the pizza deliveryman. Shirley checks on her pies while Jeff hits his head on the ceiling fan again. Annie nurses him, and they share a tender moment. Later, Pierce terrorizes Troy with his Norwegian troll. Then Britta charges in saying she's engaged to the pizza man.

In yet another timeline, Troy goes downstairs to let in the pizza man. Shirley checks on her mini-pies, while Britta puts on the Police. Annie slip, and suddenly everyone is in harm's way. Pierce nearly gets stabbed to death while Britta accidentally sets fire to the entire apartment.

In the next timeline, Abed goes to get the pizza while Pierce continues to brag about "banging Eartha Kitt." Jeff hits his head on the ceiling fan while Britta smokes a cigarette in the bathroom. Shirley presents her pies while Jeff and Annie share an intimate moment. They even kiss! Shirley and Britta start fighting over Shirley's pies when Abed returns with his pizzas.

In the following timeline, Abed urges the group to stop creating alternate timelines. As long as they all unite, they can withstand anything. Soon the group realizes that Jeff is the only one who hasn't gone down to get the pizza. He leaves while the group dances to the Police. Abed invites Annie to live with him and Troy. Jeff returns with the pizza and sees the group dancing. In the final timeline, the GCC crew has endured a variety of disappointments. Jeff has lost an arm; Troy lost his larynx, and life has just generally gone to hell.






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