Episode 3.01 : Biology 101

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    • Episode Premiere : September 22, 2011
    • Distributor : Yahoo, NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Krasnoff Foster, Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

The GCC crew dances around the halls singing about the upcoming year. Annie interrupts Jeff's daydream and asks about Pierce. She doesn't know what they're going to do without him in the study group this semester. Troy and Abed announce that they're living together. Dean Pelton pops in and declares that he's going to whip the school into shape this year.

Just when the crew thinks Pierce isn't coming back, he does. He's returned as an evolved man. Annie and Shirley eat it up. Jeff doesn't take it well, claiming that Pierce can't be part of the study group because he's not in biology class with them. The crew pointedly leaves without Pierce. Chang pops out of his new hangout - the air vent.

In biology class, Annie feels that excluding Pierce is a bad idea. Meanwhile, Abed freaks out because Cougar Town has been pushed to mid-season. When Professor Kane begins his lecture, Jeff's loud cell phone rings and gets him kicked out of class.

Dean Pelton talks to some security guards about the monkey noises coming from the air vent. Vice Dean Laybourne from the Air-Conditioning Repair School Annex is Pelton's next appointment. Dean Pelton questions Laybourne's use of school funds and Laybourne tells him to drop by the school and check things out himself.

Britta greets Abed with exciting news regarding "Cougarton Abbey," a TV hybrid of - what else - "Cougar Town" and "Downton Abbey." Abed doesn't like it. Meanwhile, Jeff unsuccessfully searches for a new science class that has six open spots for everyone. Annie tells him that they'll still be friends even if they're in different classes. Jeff reluctantly agrees and exits the room as Pierce enters with news that he found one opening in their bio class. Pierce is in. Jeff is out.

Jeff sits alone at a lunch table. The crew comes rolling in late because they were busy studying together. Jeff leaves. Abed watches "Cougarton Abbey" at the table. Everyone dies at the end of the episode he's watching. Abed freaks - now his second favorite show is over, too. Jeff leaves. Chang stops Jeff in the hallway and tells him they should hang out more. Chang sneaks back into his air vent.

Dean Pelton enters Dean Laybourne's spacious office. Laybourne breaks down his school's finances and justifies why he has the money to spend on such a large office. The tables have turned as Pelton realizes that he had it all wrong. Laybourne brings in a legal team... and a barber. Before they negotiate a deal, Dean Pelton's mustache has gotta go.

Jeff apologizes to Professor Kane and asks for his seat back in class. Kane refuses. Jeff finds a picture of Pierce on Kane's desk and assumes that Kane and Pierce are smiling in the picture together because they're best friends. He takes it and runs with it hoping it will get him back into the group. Chang stops him in the hallway and steals the photo. They chase each other through an air vent just as it is being sprayed with monkey gas.

Affected by the monkey gas, Jeff enters into a trippy dream where he is sitting at a dinner table eating his cell phone. Also in the room is Pierce who looks at a sicker, older version of himself in a hospital bed. Pierce and Jeff reach out to touch a table in front of the - the same table the study group convenes at. Jeff wants it. Pierce wants it, too.

Britta surprises Abed with a new British TV show called "Inspector Space Time." Though it's the worst show ever, Abed thinks it's the best show he has ever seen in his entire life. Jeff pops in covered in dirt and dust. He's angry. He tells them about Pierce and Kane's plan. Then Jeff realizes Pierce is posing with a man, but it's not Kane. Now Jeff looks a tad racist. He exits calmly... then runs back in one second later and puts an ax to the Magic Table.

A nervous Dean Pelton realizes the school has no money. He cannot pay the guards for the monkey gas, so he offers them vouchers for the classes of their choosing. Two of them quit, but Sergeant Nunez takes the vouchers because he needs scuba certification. The ceiling comes crashing on Dean's desk and with it, Chang.

Jeff confesses that he didn't actually want the group to evolve, he just didn't want Pierce around. Pierce confesses that he hasn't evolved either - he paid Professor Kane to keep Jeff out of the group. Everyone is mad, but Jeff bands the group together. Finally Jeff's back in the gang.

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