Episode 2.24 : For a Few Paintballs More

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    • Episode Premiere : May 12, 2011
    • Distributor : Yahoo, NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Krasnoff Foster, Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

The hallway is wrecked with paint. Troy and Abed yell for Dean Pelton, but find redhead football player Eric. Troy shares that something's not right about the game, because they just took out a professional paintball assassin. Dean Pelton emerges from his office, covered in paint. Just then, a group of City College Paintball Stormtroopers bursts in, shooting. Dean Pelton and Eric are hit, but Troy and Abed hide in the office. Pistol Patty strides up, flanked by Stormtroopers who remove her head, revealing that "she" is Dean Spreck! Dean Spreck explains that he posed as a fake ice cream company as part of an evil plan to get Greendale's students to destroy their own campus. A Stormtrooper spots Troy and Abed and shoots at them. They run out the back door.

Jeff and the group (minus Pierce) are gathered in an anthropology classroom along with Leonard, Garrett, Magnitude, Vicki, Starburns and many others. Troy and Abed share Dean Spreck's evil plan with everyone and suggest they need to form a school-wide rebel alliance to fight City College. Jeff points out that the other side has already won, because Dean Spreck's goal was to make them trash the school and that definitely happened. Troy disagrees. They're still entitled to the $100,000 prize if they win, and he proclaims that whomever wins has to give the money to Greendale to repair the damage and save the school. Abed embraces the "Han Solo" role of the rebellion.

Jeff challenges Troy's leadership. Everyone starts squabbling. Just then, a remote control car with a balloon of paint and a camera on it rolls into the room. Magnitude jumps on top of it, sacrificing himself. Jeff speaks to Dean Spreck via the camera, challenging him. Spreck reveals that his "men" have been registered at Greendale for weeks. And according to the rules in the paperwork, if you get paint on you, you're out. Jeff declares they're going to win and make Spreck pay, then he smashes the camera. A Stormtrooper escorts Pierce into the office. Pierce tells Spreck that if they shoot him, it would make Jeff very happy. Spreck is intrigued. In the classroom, Jeff declares that they have no choice but to team up to defeat City College. And he has no choice but to accept the role thrust upon him. They unite, "For Greendale!"

The war is on! Dean Spreck's Stormtroopers are dominating. But Abed, Annie and Shirley execute a sneak attack on them to access a supply closet with buckets of paint. Shirley stands guard while inside the closet, Abed and Annie play out the Han Solo/Princess Leia love/hate dynamic. Back in the classroom, it's all strategy talk. Jeff thinks they should seize the Gatlin gun inside the ice cream truck by charging it en masse. That's not how Troy would proceed. He wants to use sneak attacks to draw the Stormtrooper patrols to the library, where someone from Greendale will pull the fire alarm, activating the sprinklers that Troy will have rigged to shower everything with paint. Everyone argues, talking over each other, until Annie shoots her gun in the air. Abed sticks up for Annie, Han Solo-style, as she suggests that they split the troops in half and execute both plans.

In the office, Pierce feeds Dean Spreck a bunch of useless information about Jeff, which Dean Spreck sees through. As Annie and Abed hide, waiting to surprise attack the Stormtroopers, Annie thanks Abed for sticking up for her. They take down some Stormtroopers while Troy leads Starburns and Garrett in their own battle. Jeff leads his troops to charge the ice cream truck. Many fall while taking down Stormtroopers. Troy, Garrett and Starburns meet up with Annie, Abed and Shirley in the study room. Shirley's job will be to pull the fire alarm. Garrett gets stuck in the air vent, blocking their escape. Abed tells Troy they have to shoot their way out. Troy leads the way while outside, Jeff rallies Quendra and the troops, then gets shot.

Things are looking grim for both groups of Greendale players. Troy gets ambushed and tells Shirley to pull the alarm. Annie and Abed are pinned down in the library, out of paint. Stormtroopers advance on their position. Annie wonders if Abed will still be Han Solo after they "die." He won't. She's disappointed until Abed grabs her and kisses her. Meanwhile, Shirley makes her way down the halls, taking out Stormtroopers left and right until she gets to the fire alarm and pulls it. A Stormtrooper radios Dean Spreck that every last one of them is dead, because "paint is raining from the sky." Dean Spreck walks out of the office, telling a Stormtrooper to kill Pierce. Pierce fakes a heart attack and the Stormtrooper lowers his gun.

Once the sprinklers stop raining down paint, Abed stops kissing Annie, no longer Han Solo. Leonard and Britta fight on, but then Leonard is hit. Britta's ready to give up until Shirley rolls up in a golf cart with a gun for her. Britta hops in and they ride on, taking out Stormtroopers as they approach the ice cream truck. Britta shoots the Stormtrooper manning the Gatling gun. The Greendale crowd cheers! A Stormtrooper takes out Britta, but Shirley shoots back, killing him. Greendale thinks they've won until two more Stormtroopers exit the back of the truck. Now the Stormtroopers celebrate. Then a third Stormtrooper shows up, high-fiving the other two until suddenly, he shoots them! It's Pierce. He won! And he's giving the money to Greendale. Dean Pelton faints, but everyone else cheers!

The study group, minus Pierce, holds their final meeting of the semester in the study room. The final order of business is to pick a class to take next fall. Jeff says they should see what Troy thinks they should do, because he had some good ideas today. Troy thinks they should sleep on it. Pierce walks in looking for his day planner, which he retrieves to everyone's surprise. Pierce comments that in the 12 years he's been at Greendale, he's never been friends with anyone for more than a semester because he pushes them away. He admits it's a sickness, but Greendale has always accepted him, sickness and all. Pierce points out that it's also always accepted them, sickness and all. Jeff agrees and asks Pierce to join them next fall. Pierce declines. He's done with them. Pierce leaves. They all think Pierce will come back, but he doesn't.

Abed stands in the destroyed hallway, recounting how Greendale won the paintball war to the janitor. Abed wonders how they can top it next year. The janitor sarcastically suggests they take a hose and spray the whole school with paint. Abed thinks they kind of already did that. He finishes his drink and the janitor tells him he can just put it anywhere. Abed puts it on the ground and leaves the janitor to his work.

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