Episode 2.23 : A Fist Full of Paintballs

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    • Episode Premiere : May 05, 2011
    • Distributor : Yahoo, NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Krasnoff Foster, Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Thugs wielding paintball guns corner Fat Neil in the hallway and get ready to shoot. Just then, Annie surprise attacks the thugs! The thugs walk off, defeated. But when Fat Neil tries to turn on Annie, she shoots him mercilessly, declaring, "This is paintball!"

We flash back a few hours to the "Last Day of School Hoedown"; Dean Pelton announces that there will be a paintball game! Pistol Patty hands out guns and ammunition and tells the students that the prize is $100,000!Back in the present, Abed approaches Annie and tells her that she should go to the library with the rest of the gang. It's safer there.

Meanwhile, in the library, gun-toting math nerds fire at Jeff and Chang. Chang befriends the shooters, claiming that since they're Asian, they should band together. Suddenly, Abed enters carrying a gun! Chang and the rest of the gang make a run for it, and Abed and Jeff exit together. Later, Jeff, Annie and Abed realize that ammunition is running low and they might have to go to Pierce to get more ammo. Jeff hates the idea; after all, Pierce is a total jerk. That's when a hot new paintball player enters, firing shots at the gang. They barely escape his expert aim! His name? The Black Rider.

The gang reconvenes in the hallway where Troy tells Jeff that there's a bounty on his head. Jeff immediately suspects Pierce!The gang meets Pierce at Fort Hawthorne, intending to get more ammunition. Pierce says he knows where they can all find tons of available ammo. The gang is suspicious - after all, Pierce has been unfriendly all semester - but they give in when he claims he just wants to get back into their good graces.

Newly united, the study group sets off on a search to find the cache of ammunition. Jeff tells Annie that he feels guilty about constantly disrespecting Pierce. Moments later, Annie saves a blindfolded Chang from getting "paintball attacked" by the cheerleading squad. Fresh off the victory, she doesn't notice when the Black Rider sneaks up behind her and takes her gun! When Jeff suddenly appears carrying a gun, Annie seizes the moment and makes a run for it. A shootout ensues but nobody gets hit. The Black Rider is gone once more. Annie tells Jeff some bad news: Pierce loaded his gun with blanks!

The gang forces Dean Pelton to give them the paintball ammunition from last year's game. This way, they'll stand a chance against the Black Rider. Later, Annie asks Pierce why he loaded Jeff's gun with blanks. Pierce admits he did it because Jeff won last year. Angered, Annie challenges Pierce to a duel, but instead, Pierce tells the gang that they always leave him out. In fact, just the other day, he saw them playing cards without him. Annie explains that they weren't playing cards; they were voting on whether to invite Pierce back to the group next year. The result had to be unanimous, and there was one holdout. Annie and Pierce prepare for the duel when the Black Rider reappears!

Annie and Pierce lock eyes, getting ready for their duel. Jeff and the Black Rider do the same. Suddenly, Pierce clutches his chest. He's having a heart attack! The gang doubts Pierce is really sick, but the Black Rider takes pity and goes to Pierce. That's when Pierce shoots the Black Rider at point blank range! Before the Black Rider exits, he tells Annie he was hired by someone to win the prize money. Annie guesses that the ice cream company hired him, but the Black Rider won't confirm her theory. He exits, leaving the girls swooning.

On the quad, unseen men in the ice cream truck shoot Chang. Moments later, men in white uniforms exit the truck carrying paintball machine guns. They bow down to their idol, Pistol Patty. She declares that no Greendale student can win this game! It's time for Plan B: Operation Total Invasion!






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