Episode 2.20 : Competitive Wine Tasting

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    • Episode Premiere : April 14, 2011
    • Distributor : Yahoo, NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Krasnoff Foster, Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

The gang chooses electives for the spring semester. Britta and Troy select "The Actor Inside" because their dance teacher encourages them to tap in to their emotional core. Abed is ecstatic to finally get off the waitlist for "Who Indeed: A Critical Analysis of Television's Who's the Boss." Jeff initial excitement about "Italian Wine Tasting" fades when he learns that Pierce is taking the class as well.

Pierce and Jeff are enjoying their first wine tasting class when an attractive young Asian woman catches their attention. Jeff remarks that he "might have to let her see [him] nude" but Pierce says he might have to take a shot himself. Jeff scoffs at the possibility that Pierce could outdo him when it comes to womanizing. But when Jeff approaches the young woman he gets shot down outright.

Troy and Britta attend their first acting class, but Britta seems to be a little more excited than Troy at the prospect of finding "The Actor Inside." When the professor encourages each student to share a profoundly deep and painful memory, Troy can't seem to come up with anything worth sharing besides the hardships of being a popular quarterback in high school. Later, wanting to win over his peers, he blurts out that his uncle put his finger in his "no-no," which immediately earns him sympathy and respect.

During Abed's first class on "Who's the Boss," the professor poses a rhetorical question: "Who was the boss?" Abed answers with the obvious answer, Angela. The professor laughs derisively; the answer behind that question really isn't so simple. Later, in the study room, Abed buries himself in his textbook, determined to prove to his professor that Angela is, in fact, the boss.

Pierce shows up at the study room holding hands with the same Asian woman who rejected Jeff the day before, announcing that they're getting married. Apparently, yesterday after wine tasting class, the two hit it off. As it turns out, Pierce knows a lot about China; Hawthorne Wipes is the number one moist towelette in Asia. The two leave to get to work on the wedding plans. Jeff is outraged by the situation; clearly this woman has hidden motives and is after Pierce for his money or a green card. The rest of the group isn't so sure. After all, Pierce and the Chinese woman seem to really like each other and Pierce does have a history of marrying women he barely knows.

Meanwhile, Britta reacts to Troy's revealing story by giving him hugs and telling him to "stay strong." When Abed asks Troy what's up, Troy explains that since he didn't have a painful story to share in acting class, he made one up about his uncle touching his butt. Abed then notes that Britta is attracted to men in pain because it helps her pretend to be mentally healthy. He reminds Troy that nothing good can come of this, and Troy agrees that he needs to diffuse the situation. But back in class, Troy is still milking the story for all it's worth. His damaged behavior drives Britta to kiss him passionately.

Jeff invites Pierce's fiance to the study room to "get to know her better," when really he hopes to find out her true intentions for marrying Pierce. He finds out that not only does she already have dual citizenship, she also intends to sign a prenuptial agreement to protect her fortune. Jeff is stumped; if she's not after Pierce for a green card or his money, what could she possibly be doing with him?

Abed visits his professor, explaining that he's read the book and believes there are points the professor has overlooked. The professor explains that he's not a fan of the show, he's an academic, and as such his authority should not be questioned. When Abed continues to challenge him, the professor proposes that if he knows so much, Abed should teach the next class. Surprisingly, Abed agrees outright.

At the engagement party, Jeff admits defeat in his mission and offers Pierce his sincere congratulations. However, when Pierce's fiance hands him a wet wipe with the label "Red Dragon," and Chang notes that her last name means "red dragon" in Chinese, Jeff takes to his cell phone for some investigative work. He finds out that she's the heir to the Red Dragon wet wipes fortune, the number two seller of wet wipes in China. Jeff makes a dramatic revelation of the truth during dinner, and she admits that he found her out and leaves the restaurant. However, the aftermath isn't what Jeff expected; Pierce is upset with Jeff rather than grateful. Sure she was trying to use him for his money, but he was trying to use her, too.

During dinner, Britta accidentally reveals Troy's story, and Abed pressures Troy into revealing that the whole thing was a lie. Back in class, Britta tells Troy that kissing him was a mistake, and it will never happen again; she just has a history of falling for damaged guys. Troy notes that maybe one day she'll fall for someone who's healthy like him. Troy confesses to the class that he made up the story to fit in, and the professor is surprisingly understanding of the situation. The pain of not having enough pain is still pain, he explains.

Abed is wrapping up his lesson on "Who's the Boss." The professor is stunned, and concedes defeat when he realizes that according to Abed's explanation, Angela is, in fact, the boss.

Jeff brings Pierce's ex-fiance to the study room. He tells Pierce that he asked her to come because he realized that maybe they should be together; they're both rude, deceitful, racist, and come from moist-wipe dynasties. Having that much in common justifies at least one date. The two leave arm and arm, already hitting it off with crude, racist conversation.






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