Episode 2.13 : Celebrity Pharmacology

  • Community
    • Episode Premiere : January 27, 2011
    • Distributor : Yahoo, NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Krasnoff Foster, Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

The gang is practicing an anti-drug play that Annie's producing and directing. During dress rehearsal in the study room, Pierce keeps suggesting a new direction for his character. Troy and Abed are dressed as honeybees, and Pierce is a marijuana plant. They'll be performing the play for middle school students the next day. Britta makes the point that having to sit through these anti-drug shows while in school may have actually driven her to use drugs. Also dressed as a honeybee but for another purpose, Dean Pelton pops by the study room to check in on his little thespians before heading off to an event at a local hotel.

Chang drops by the study room to give Shirley, the mother of his "maybe" unborn child, a mix tape. Shirley continues to want nothing to do with him. Pierce tries to give Annie some suggestions on the script that include giving him actual lines. When she turns down his suggestions, Pierce follows her, watching as she picks soda cans out of garbage bins throughout campus, then exchanges them for money at a recycling center. Pierce follows Annie home.

Pierce immediately asks Annie why her apartment is above a sex store; he thought her parents had money. Annie explains that when she had her nervous breakdown, her mom wanted to ignore it, but she wanted to deal with it. So when she went to rehab, her parents cut her off financially. Pierce realizes that he and Annie aren't that different, and offers some money to help her out. After taking the check, Annie suggests that Pierce do a few of his improvised lines in the anti-drug play the following day - just the outcome Pierce was hoping for.

Pierce arrives at the cafeteria/theatre the following day with a newly revised script, then uses the fact that he gave Annie money to persuade her to implement his newly envisioned creative direction. Dean Pelton welcomes the middle school students as the gang gets ready backstage.

The audience of 50 students isn't engaged in the play at all, until Pierce appears, dressed as "Drugs." Chang confronts Shirley backstage, but she continues to push him away. Later in the play, when Pierce returns to the stage as Marijuana, dressed in a clown's wig and sparklers, the kids erupt in laughter. Everyone onstage is caught off guard, but tries to right this wrong by improvising. Britta sneaks backstage to ask Annie what to do. Annie surprises Britta, suggesting they just go with the direction Pierce has created.

After Pierce's Marijuana character gets flushed down the toilet at the end of Act 1, he confronts Annie backstage. He wants to bring Drugs back to life. Annie tries to talk him out of it, but when he reminds her that yesterday she couldn't pay her rent and today she can, she's speechless. During intermission when Annie tells everyone they're reverting to the original script, Pierce reminds Annie of his financial contribution again, in front of the whole gang. Thinking Annie sold out on her ideals, the gang fires her as producer.

Everyone wants to bail on the second half of the show, but Jeff gets them to finish what they started. Chang steps in for Pierce, taking over as Drugs. Chang manages to get all the kids to hate Drugs by the end of the show, and gets a little attention from Shirley as an added bonus. After everything's finished, Annie goes backstage to congratulate everyone on a successful anti-drug play.

Pierce lets Annie know he did nothing wrong, and will still give her the money. Annie refuses to take it. Later that night, Annie tries to sleep, but she's interrupted by loud speaker announcements from the sex store under her apartment.






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