Episode 2.04 : Basic Rocket Science

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    • Episode Premiere : October 14, 2010
    • Distributor : Yahoo, NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Krasnoff Foster, Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Dean Pelton addresses a small group of GCC administrators. He's received word that City College, GCC's biggest rival, will be unveiling a space simulator. The dean is certain that City College will follow the announcement by adding an astronaut to their admission brochure, leaving GCC to focus on their foosball table. It is crucial that GCC react to this new development by launching their own space simulator before City College. Dean Pelton suggests that GCC take over the local museum's old space simulator. He leans on the study group to help with the restoration effort of the old simulator as a way to atone for their obscene entry in the school flag contest.

Dean Pelton puts the group to work cleaning the outside of the space simulator. He needs it to look presentable for the fake launch later that afternoon. After the dean storms off, Troy and Abed disobey his rules by immediately jumping inside the simulator. Annie's concerned. She wants everyone away from the simulator. Feeling underdressed for the occasion, Abed leaves everyone in the simulator while he goes off to change his clothes. Pierce begins to freak out from being stuck in a confined space and accidently hits a button that closes the door to the simulator. Once the door closes, SANDERS, the simulator's computer system, turns on and tells the gang what to do next.

While everyone else seems to be freaking out, Jeff reminds them they're simply in a Winnebago, not an actual space simulator. But to everyone's surprise, the Winnebago starts to move. It appears the Winnebago is being towed from GCC with the gang inside. Just as the simulator is being towed off the lot, Abed returns to an empty parking space dressed as an astronaut. Troy is now manning the Captain's seat inside the simulator trying to find a way out of their current situation. Just when things start to look hopeless, the radio in the space simulator starts to beep. Dean Pelton is on the other end. They now have contact with the outside world.

Abed and Dean Pelton communicate with the gang from the study room. Abed realizes that the simulator's window isn't sealed shut; like Jeff suspects, it opens when the simulation is complete. Abed's mission is to get them to complete the simulation successfully. Once the seal is opened, they'll be able to pinpoint where they've been towed. The dean needs them and the simulator back at GCC for the official unveiling that afternoon. Troy is now in charge. Abed's on the other end talking him through the simulation. Troy's job is to get his crew on board with the plan.

Pierce starts hallucinating and attacks Troy. Jeff and Britta pull Pierce off Troy and lock him into a small caged area at the back of the simulator until he calms down. Back at GCC, Abed and Dean Pelton have an entire team of people working to find the simulator's location. The study room is now mission control. Back in the simulator, Annie confesses that she set the whole thing up. She's transferring to City College and the dean there promised her admission if she helped them steal GCC's simulator.

Once Jeff realizes that City College is behind stealing the simulator, he gets the crew into position. Captain Troy then leads the crew through the simulation until they attain success. The window opens and the gang realizes they've been left in an open field. Jeff delivers the news to Abed and Dean Pelton over the radio. It's obvious; the simulator is too far away from campus to make it back in time. The dean's hope for success deflates.

Waiting to be rescued, the gang sits patiently in the simulator. Jeff admits he told Dean Pelton that the new school flag was their design. Pierce has finally calmed down and asks to be let out of the cage. The gang agrees that he appears to be calm enough to rejoin them. Just as Britta lets him out, Pierce attacks SANDERS, ripping the computer out of the wall. Jeff inspects the opening left behind by the computer - it leads to the front of the Winnebago! They can drive themselves back to campus.

The dean from City College stops by the study room to torment Dean Pelton over his lost simulator. Dean Pelton realizes that City College has been behind this prank all along. Just when the dean from City College thinks he's won, Jeff calls into mission control, aka the study room, to tell Abed and Dean Pelton to call off the rescue. The simulator is on its way back to campus with Annie driving, determined to get back in time to right her wrong. It's time GCC won.

Dean Pelton proudly takes the GCC quad stage, surrounded by students, faculty and press to welcome back the Greendale Greenstronauts from their maiden simulation. The crown welcomes the crew back with open arms. Upon exiting the simulator, the dean from City College approaches Annie and tells her it appears she's not City College material after all. Annie simply thanks him, proud to be a Human Being. Jeff congratulates Troy on a successful mission.






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