Episode 2.01 : Anthropology 101

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    • Episode Premiere : September 23, 2010
    • Distributor : Yahoo, NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Krasnoff Foster, Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

The first day of school! Abed, Troy, Pierce, Shirley, Annie, Jeff and Britta all get ready for their first day back at Greendale after summer break. Dean Pelton announces the first dance of the season, the Fresh Start Dance. After Britta's confession of love to Jeff last semester, the Dean believes everyone needs a fresh start. Troy and Pierce arrive on campus for their first day back. Troy moved in with Pierce at the start of the summer, and decided to create a Twitter account solely to tweet all of Pierce's inappropriate comments. The account name is @oldwhitemansays. The whole gang has followed along during the summer.

The whole gang meets in the study room, where they quickly notice Britta's absence. Just as they start to think something bad might have happened to her, she pops up from behind the couch. She's hiding from the groupies all around campus. Britta leaves, trying to avoid the groupies. But when she's stopped by a few, she quickly learns they admire her for being fearless, and have been calling her "The People's Champion" ever since Jeff walked out on her at the dance. Also outside the study room, Annie chats up Jeff with her lovesick puppy dog eyes. Jeff reminds Annie that they already discussed the kiss, and the reasons why no one can find out about it.

Annie and Jeff walk into their Anthropology class. Formerly known as Senor Chang, now just Chang is also in the class. Jeff implies that Chang's only taking the class to be close to the study group. When Britta enters the classroom, all the women stand up and cheer. Abed explains that since Britta put herself out there and declared her love, when Jeff walked away, she became the underdog. And everyone loves to root for the underdog. Seeking information about Jeff, Abed explains that he's excited for the possibilities in their second year together. Abed hopes they can move away from the soap opera-like relationship dramas, and move into the self-contained escapade storylines.

Professor June Bauer introduces Anthropology 101. She promises to guide the class to the very threshold of humanity. For the class' first assignment, Professor Bauer asks them to create tribes with no more than eight people and a mix of races. During lunch, Jeff realizes this whole "People's Champion" thing might be going a little too far. When Jeff pulls Britta aside to ask for a little help in getting this whole school division thing to blow over, Britta retorts that it might simply be karma coming back to give Jeff a taste of his own medicine. Just as Britta shows him up again, Jeff realizes the only way to beat her is to play her game.

Back in Anthropology class, June Bauer presents the class with their next assignment. Each tribe needs to choose the most important tool for their survival from a box of supplies she provides. Just as Professor Bauer finishes explaining the assignment, Jeff raises his hand - but his question isn't for the professor, it's for Britta. Jeff stands up and declares his love, then asks Britta if she feels the same way. Calling Jeff's bluff, Britta declares her love back. Thus begins a new relationship.

Jeff and Britta become inseparable. They are the lovely-dovey couple that makes people like Annie puke. They share headphones, they walk with their hands in each other's pockets, they can't stop kissing, and so it goes. In the study room, the gang discusses their Anthropology assignment. Jeff walks in late, apologizing. He was busy loving Britta from his car. After Jeff and Britta make out in front of everyone, Abed asks a big question: will Jeff marry Britta? Then Abed shows them a ring and dares Jeff to prove it by proposing. Jeff and Britta fight over the ring, and Britta wins. She pops the question to Jeff. He accepts. [insert Highlight skittle] Shirley lets the cat out of the bag: Jeff and Britta slept together on the study room table during paint ball.

Having heard enough, Annie decks Winger, asking how he could kiss her after sleeping with Britta. The whole group is stunned by this revelation. Just as silence descends over the room, Abed returns with a singer, priest and wedding party, having set up a wedding episode for Jeff and Britta. Everything goes up in smoke. Britta and Jeff admit their love fest was all a game. Troy is pissed at Jeff for taking two of the three girls in the study group. Jeff passes the hot seat to Troy, who tells Pierce he's @oldwhitemansays on Twitter. And Jeff lays into Abed for his television references.

After the epic fight threatens to break up the gang, Professor Bauer asks the class to report back on what they learned in their last assignment. Jeff volunteers to go first. He tells the class that the most important tool for a tribe's survival is not one of the nine tools in the box, it's respect. After listening to Jeff's answer, Professor Bauer asks him to defend himself against her and the weapon she created using all nine tools from the box.

After Jeff passes out in the wake of Professor Bauer's attack, the gang takes him to the hospital. He wakes up with everyone around him to learn that Professor Bauer has been suspended and they've all received As on their projects. While at the hospital, Chang pays them all a visit. He sucks up his pride and asks if there's any room in their study group for a little Chang.

Jeff tells Chang that they'll think about letting him into the study group and get back to him. After Chang leaves, Jeff tells the group that Chang's in, but they should let him sweat it out a little. Chang returns to the study room where his personality appears to split in two: Good Chang and Evil Chang.






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