Episode 1.23 : Modern Warfare

  • Community
    • Episode Premiere : May 06, 2010
    • Distributor : Yahoo, NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Krasnoff Foster, Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Jeff and Britta head into the library for study group, bickering as usual. When they sit down, Abed calls attention to their obvious sexual tension. Jeff and Britta deny it. Dean Pelton enters the room to announce a game of paintball scheduled for later that day. He also mentions that since the original prize was stolen, the current prize is TBD.

Jeff wakes from his nap in the car to the sounds of screaming. He walks through the destroyed GCC quad and into the library. Everything has been sprayed by paintball guns. A student on the ground tells Jeff that all the students turned on each other when Dean Pelton announced the official paintball prize.

Leonard comes running down the hallway after Jeff. Unarmed, Jeff takes off in the other direction. Just as Jeff's about to be hit, Abed comes to the rescue, eliminating Leonard first. Abed then takes Jeff to a classroom he and Troy commandeered as their base camp.

In the classroom, Jeff learns the paintball prize is priority registration. Realizing everyone will eventually turn on each other, the three of them decide to join forces and work as a team until it comes to that. The Chess Club makes a move on the classroom, but the trio quickly takes them out.

Jeff, Abed and Troy are on the move across campus. They find Pierce with Starburns in the student lounge. When Pierce realizes the three of them have formed an alliance, he eliminates Starburns to show his loyalty. Pierce stands guard while Jeff, Troy and Abed take a bathroom break.

Shirley, Annie and Britta have been hiding in the bathroom, and end up in a stand-off against the boys. Abed suggests they merge alliances to beat the others. As one, they enter the quad, where they're quickly attacked by the Glee Club. Troy and Annie are taken out first. Pierce is next.Britta, Jeff, Shirley and Abed are left standing. They regroup in the cafeteria over a bonfire. Shirleywants to win so she can plan her class schedule around spending time with her kids. After hearing this, Britta suggests that regardless of who wins, they give the prize to Shirley. Jeff calls Britta out on her phony humanitarian ploys.

Britta, Jeff, Shirley and Abed are attacked in the cafeteria by the roller derby gang. Jeff and Britta survive the attack, but Shirley and Abed are hit.

Dean Pelton and Senor Chang are locked in an office, discussing how to end the paintball game. They decide to enroll Senor Chang in a class, allowing him to enter the game since only students are permitted to play.

Jeff and Britta find safety at the library in the study group room. Britta helps Jeff bandage his wound. The sexual tension hits its peak and they finally give into it.

Britta turns the gun on Jeff before he can even get dressed, but when she pulls the trigger, nothing happens. Jeff took the ammo out of the gun when Britta was seducing him. Before either of them can eliminate the other, Senor Chang enters, ready to play.

Senor Chang tries to take out Jeff and Britta in an epic study room battle. Britta takes Jeff's gun and fights Senor Chang on her own, leaving Jeff as the single man standing.

After Senor Chang is hit, he tells Jeff that there's no such thing as priority registration. Then, Senor Chang exposes the paintball bomb he's hidden under his jacket. Jeff makes a run for it, diving out of the room just in time to miss the green paintball bomb.

Dirty and sweaty, Jeff enters Dean Pelton's office to discuss the priority registration prize. When the dean offers a DVD player instead, Jeff turns the gun on him.

Jeff returns to study group the following day feeling victorious. He decides to award the priority registration document to Shirley for her bravery as a soldier during the game. He also tells her that since priority registration is technically illegal, if anyone asks her about it, she has to lie.






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