Episode 1.08 : Home Economics

  • Community
    • Episode Premiere : November 05, 2009
    • Distributor : Yahoo, NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Krasnoff Foster, Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Troy asks Annie for dating advice between classes. Annie is upset to find that Troy's crush isn't on her, but she helps him plan the perfect date anyway.

Britta runs into her ex-boyfriend Vaughn on campus and tries to apologize for how things ended between them. He blows her off and Pierce offers his services as a man-to-man mediator.

Britta makes it clear that she does not want Pierce to talk to Vaughn on her behalf. Pierce assumes that girls always mean yes when they say no and decides that he should talk to him anyway.

Shirley and Britta discover that Jeff is living in his car. They share the news with the rest of their friends at the next study group meeting.

Pierce informs Britta that he went ahead and talked to Vaughn for her. Although he was not able to "patch things up," he did land a new gig as the keyboardist in Vaughn's new rock band.

Shirley overhears Annie helping Troy plan his date with Randy, a girl he is interested in, at the "Night Under the Stars" event on campus. Shirley tries to dissuade Annie from helping Troy because she knows Annie has a crush on him.

Jeff shows Britta pictures of his lavish apartment that the condo board posted with a for sale ad online. Britta tries to talk him out of living the life of luxury and downgrading so he won't have to continue to live in his car, which is currently being towed.

Jeff finally breaks down and asks Abed if he can live with him in the school dorms. They find out that they both want to sleep on the top bunk but Abed beats Jeff to the punch.

Annie continues to help Troy plan his date, despite Shirley's intervention. She loans him the blanket that her grandmother used to court her grandfather. Troy decides it will make a better picnic blanket than the newspaper he was going to use.

Pierce joins Vaughn for their band's first performance in the cafeteria. Britta comes to show her support only to find that she is the subject of a cruel song, "Gettin' Ridda the Britta." Pierce throws in his own flare to the lyrics, "Gettin' ridda the B".

Abed teaches Jeff the finer things in life, like television and cereal. Jeff learns that cereal and TV make him just as happy as his luxurious condo with platinum faucets.

Pierce defends Britta's honor when Vaughn tells her that she is a horrible person. Calm and cool Vaughn flips out and leaves the room when Pierce attacks his musical and artistic skills. Pierce is unaware of what he just did for Britta but he takes the praise anyway.

Annie pretends that her appendix is bursting so she can keep Troy from going on his date without telling him that she likes him. The plan backfires when the doctor orders Troy to stay a safe distance away from Annie while she is being held overnight for observation.

Abed begs Britta to use her female sexuality to lure Jeff out of his dorm room and back into the real world before he loses himself completely in frozen yogurt and Knight Rider re-runs. Britta refuses at first but then agrees when she see how far Jeff has regressed.

The gang closes out the night at the "Night Under the Stars" event where Vaughn debuts his new song, "Pierce Is a B." Annie marches out in her hospital gown to take back her blanket, and Jeff returns to the real world after taking a much-needed shower.






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