Episode 3.06 : Chuck Versus Nacho Sampler

  • Chuck
    • Episode Premiere : February 01, 2010
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Action
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2012
    • Production Company: College Hill, The WB, Wonderland Sound & Vision
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Morgan is love-struck with the beautiful new Nerd Herder in town, Hannah. Since it's Hannah's first day at the Buy More, Chuck makes it his duty to protect her from some of the store's creepy staff. More importantly, Chuck tells Hannah to keep his "install" trip to Paris a secret.

With Shaw on a covert mission, General Beckman gives the team their next mission: a civilian, Manoosh Depak, has just received a large sum of money from an off-shore Ring account. The team must find out what the money is for and Beckman orders "Agent Bartowksi" to develop Manoosh as an asset to get information out of him. However, Sarah, from her past experience with Chuck, does not think that Chuck is ready to turn an asset. This will require Chuck to gain Manoosh's trust as a friend, and then burn him at the end of the mission.

Manoosh comes to the Buy More and Chuck thinks he's got this mission in the bag but when Manoosh enters the store, Chuck comes on a little too strong and it seems like he's trying to date Manoosh rather than befriend him. After seeing this, Casey doesn't think Chuck is ready for this mission either.

Awesome's still a bit shaken from all the secrecy and spy action-- and Ellie is starting to notice. Ellie found Chuck's claim ticket to Paris and wonders why he never told her about it. Awesome nervously evades the conversation with her and runs out of the apartment, blaming it on the many kidneys that need his help.

Meanwhile, Chuck asks Morgan to keep an eye on Hannah and keep her safe from Lester and Jeff. Morgan calls Lester and Jeff into his office-a newly converted storage closet; and tells them to keep their distance from Hannah because he likes her. However, Morgan knows that Lester and Jeff have impeccable stalking techniques and he hires them to find out more about Hannah so he can impress her.

At Castle, Chuck and Casey research Manoosh's file: he uses his credit card for comic books and video games, and has only had contact with one female in the past year-his sister. Casey then realizes that he has pulled up Chuck's old file. Seems like Chuck and Manoosh have a lot in common. While Sarah gives Chuck advice on how to develop an asset, Chuck wants to know what her first impression of him was three years ago. Sweetly, Sarah says that she liked Chuck from the start and that it made the mission much harder for her.

At the Two And A Half Amigos restaurant, Chuck engages Manoosh into a conversation by reading "Y, The Last Man" and ordering the very last Nacho Sampler ( Manoosh's favorite). After inviting Manoosh to share the Sampler with him, Chuck bonds with Manoosh by talking to him about dropping out at Stanford and working at the Buy More. Manoosh confesses to Chuck that he has got something big going on and when Manoosh gets a call from work, Chuck notices that Manoosh has a Ring Phone. It's clear that Manoosh is in way over his head and doesn't know who he is dealing with. He tells Chuck that he's got something that's weapon-related.

Back in Morgan's "office" Lester and Jeff have done a good job in finding out lots of information about the lovely Hannah. She likes sushi, classical music, and French cinema. Lester and Morgan believe that even with them spying on her, Morgan doesn't stand a chance.

Casey and Sarah quickly run a trace on the Ring Phone and they realize that they have about five minutes before Ring agents arrive at the restaurant. It's time to bring in the hot blonde-Sarah makes out with Manoosh in order to tranq him and get him and the briefcase he's got, out of the bar before The Ring gets there. In the morning, Sarah simulates a situation for Manoosh to believe that they had sex the night before. This gets Manoosh to confess what he is making for The Ring-a weapon, a new technology that will change everything. Manoosh is shot with a tranquilizer again once they get the information they need.

Manoosh calls Chuck, looking for his briefcase and he plans to meet him at the Buy More to get it back. Chuck, Casey, and Sarah open the briefcase and find a strange contraption-and Chuck isn't flashing on it. Whatever it is, it's not in the Intersect. They take the weapon, and leave Manoosh to fend for himself. Chuck worries about Manoosh's safety, but Sarah tells Chuck he can't worry about it, and it's all part of being a spy.

Awesome confronts Chuck at the Buy More about lying to Ellie. Awesome wants to tell her the truth, but Chuck tells him that he can't tell Ellie about anything or else they'll both end up in witness protection. Chuck tells Awesome that the lying gets easier-and to prove it, Chuck blatantly lies to Ellie when she comes to the Buy More. Chuck tells Ellie that he didn't tell her about the trip to Paris because he got two first-class tickets for her and Awesome to go to Paris for their honeymoon. Sarah watches this and realizes that Chuck has become a good liar, while Awesome can't believe how Chuck's become a bit cold-blooded.

At the Buy More, Manoosh gets his briefcase back from Chuck and Manoosh sincerely believes that Chuck is his friend. Manoosh gets another call from The Ring, and Chuck, wanting to save Manoosh, tries to get Sarah and Casey to help him. However, Ring agents have arrived at the Buy More and they want their weapon. Meanwhile, at Castle, Casey opens the confiscated "weapon" and it sprays shaving cream on him-it was a decoy. Outside, Ring agents, including Julius Burrow, surround Manoosh, but he's got nothing to worry about-he puts on sunglasses and he flashes on Kung Fu mode-becoming the ultimate weapon. Turns out that Manoosh has built a new Intersect.

Morgan uses the information that Jeff and Lester gathered about Hannah to impress her. Morgan calls Hannah to his office and has "Swan Lake" playing in the background, as well as French cinema posters displayed on the walls. However, when Hannah accidentally tells Morgan about Chuck's trip to Paris, Morgan stops hitting on her and worries more about Chuck keeping secrets from him. Also, Hannah learns that Chuck's ex-girlfriend (Sarah) works at the yogurt shop.

Chuck, Sarah, and Casey find out that Manoosh is going to Weap-con in Dubai, something Casey likes to go to every year-looks like he'll be able to write this year's off as a business trip. In Dubai, Weap-Con has all the weapons you can imagine and Casey is like a kid in a candy shop--even buying a laser pen. It doesn't take long for the spies to find Manoosh-he does a special presentation demonstrating the new Intersect. Once he shows off the amazing capabilities of this new weapon to the many generals and sheiks in the audience, Manoosh kicks the bidding off at 50 million dollars.

Instead of using the tranq gun on Manoosh again, Chuck wants to try talking to him. After Chuck tells Manoosh the truth about being a C.I.A agent, Manoosh is genuinely hurt-he trusted Chuck. But Manoosh decides he doesn't need friends, and as soon as he tries to make a run for it, Julius and the other Ring agents capture him, along with Sarah, Chuck, and Casey.

Chuck, Casey, and Sarah have been locked up and bound to chairs while The Ring has taken Manoosh and the new Intersect. However, all is not lost, Casey, has the new laser pen that can cut through anything. Chuck must very carefully use his mouth to trigger the laser pen and get Casey out of his handcuffs. Once he does this, the three bust out of the locked door and chase after The Ring agents.

Julius has Manoosh at gun point, and although Manoosh pleads to make a deal with him, things don't look so good. Manoosh decides to crush the new Intersect to stay alive, but Julius intends to kill him anyway. Chuck and his team get there just in time. Chuck holds up what he thinks is a laser pen to threaten Julius, but it turns out to be a small knife. Chuck is shocked, but is able to flash on a ninja star on the wall and throws the knife into Julius's hand and then is able to save Sarah from a Ring Agent by flashing on discus throwing and using a plate to knock him out.

Once the coast is clear of Ring agents, Manoosh thanks Chuck for saving him, but Chuck can't let him go. Manoosh promises Chuck that he'll disappear and never work on another weapon again. Chuck agrees to this but before Manoosh can make it out the door Chuck changes his mind and shoots him with a tranq gun. Looks like Chuck has what it takes to be a spy after all.

Chuck takes responsibility for his asset, and tells Manoosh that he is going to have to go underground, away from his friends and family. Regardless of how much Manoosh pleads, Chuck tells Manoosh that he's not his friend, he's a spy, and he can't help him. Later at the Buy More, Hannah tells Chuck that she knows about Sarah (his "ex") and Morgan hints to Chuck that he might know about his travels. When Chuck doesn't open up to Morgan, he decides to hire Lester and Jeff to stalk Chuck.

Awesome, fed up with the lies, forbids Ellie to go on their trip to Paris (from Chuck). Ellie, frustrated with how weird her husband is acting, talks to Morgan, who also believes something fishy is going on. He promises Ellie that he'll get to the bottom of it. Meanwhile, Chuck enjoys a glass of Johnny Walker Black alone, and Sarah isn't quite sure that Chuck turning into a spy is a good thing.






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