Episode 7.12 : The Suit on the Set

  • Bones
    • Episode Premiere : May 07, 2012
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 7
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2017
    • Production Company: Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Emile Levisetti
  • Screenwriter Karine Rosenthal
  • Main Cast
    • Emily Deschanel as Paint Throwing Fur-Activist,
    • David Boreanaz as Extra,
    • Michaela Conlin,
    • T.J. Thyne,
    • Tamara Taylor,
    • John Francis Daley,
    • John Boyd

The Story


The Jeffersonian team, minus Booth and Brennan, watch a publicity video for Brennan's book, now movie, "Bone of Contention" on the platform. The gang is in awe of Cherie Redfern, who plays Dr. Kathy Reichs, and Blaine Conway, who plays Special Agent Andy Lister.

In Hollywood, Booth and Brennan visit the set of the movie. Booth is in love with the donuts on set while Brennan is concerned that the script changes are not accurate. Writer Liam Toynen explains to Brennan that there were only minor changes. Demanding director Jocco Kent is growing impatient as everyone waits for the cast to get ready. While B & B wait, Mandy OH, VP of Production, introduces herself to the couple. Brennan voices her concerns again about the script, however, Mandy is too distracted by her cell phone.

Finally, the film company is ready to roll. Booth and Brennan take a seat in director's chairs and watch the scene. Brennan is bothered by the inaccuracy of the dialogue and yells "CUT" when she sees Cherie handling the bones improperly. A disgruntled Jocco tells Brennan that he doesn't care if the scene is accurate.

Back in the Ookey Room, Angela visits Hodgins, who is concerned about the lack of press the other scientists in the movie are getting. Hodgins wants Michael Vincent to be able to see what he does for a living - on the big screen.

Brennan tells Mandy Oh how unhappy she is with the science in the movie. Mandy tells them the studio hired a forensic consultant, Dr. Douglas Filmore. Brennan tells Mandy that Dr. Filmore is only a podiatrist but Mandy scoots off when she gets another phone call. Meanwhile, the prop department brings a new body to the set. The crew and cast gag at the smell coming from the body. Brennan recognizes the stench and rushes to the platform. This is not a prop -it's a real body!


Cam and Hodgins go into Angela's office to see the pictures Brennan sent of the body. Angela is going to start a facial reconstruction. Hodgins wonders if they solve the case if their characters would have more scenes in the film.

Mandy tells Booth, Brennan and Dr. Filmore that production has to be shut down. Head of Security, Mike Grassley, tells everyone that LAPD is on their way. Brennan and Filmore examine the remains and determine the victim is male and in his mid-40's. Brennan asks Booth to take on the case and solve the murder. Booth reluctantly agrees and Mandy is excited to have the real Reichs and Lister on the case, and agrees that with Booth and Brennan on the case the press won't know about the murder.

Brennan and Dr. Filmore video chat with Cam back at the Jeffersonian. Cam notices staining on the victim's punctured aorta, which she believes caused the victim to bleed out and die. The team is interrupted by actor Barry Summers, who plays the Hodgins character. Cam quickly ends the video chat. Barry listens to Brennan and Dr. Filmore discuss the body. Barry identifies the foliage that is attached to the body. He explains that he has a doctorate in botany and microbiology-Brennan is impressed.

Booth and Mike Grassley walk around the lot. Booth takes in all the sights. Mike explains that a lot of the actors have records: drugs, drunk driving, etc. Booth wants to check out their alibis. Mike explains that it is tough to get on the lot, but once you are on you have access anywhere. Mike tells Booth this job is much easier than the Bureau. Booth is taken back, but Mike explains that once he had his daughter, he moved to Los Angles and made twice as much money.

Barry has set himself up in the Hollywood Ookey Room and video chats with Hodgins and Angela. Barry sends Hodgins the samples of foliage. Hodgins is wary of an actor turned scientist. Angela assures Hodgins that both Brennan and Cam talked with Barry's old academic advisors, who said good things about him. Barry tells them that Cam looked very familiar to him. Angela pulls up her finished facial reconstruction. Barry tells her there is no reason to send the picture to missing persons-the victim is the head of the studio, Hanson Stevens.

Brennan and Booth take in the lot. Booth mentions that if they lived here they could go to Disneyland every day, however, Brennan is preoccupied admiring the grand topiaries that are scattered throughout the lot. Brennan asks groundskeeper Fernando if he knows what type of foliage is found on the lot. Fernando directs the couple to head groundskeeper Valerie Rogers, who is trimming some topiaries. Valerie explains that there is a map of the foliage in her office and gives them her information.

Brennan and Booth visit Hanson Steven's assistant, Nick Samuel. Nick Samuel tells them that his boss is unavailable to chat. Booth and Brennan barge into Hanson's office to find it empty.


Booth and Brennan question Nick Samuel, but Mandy arrives to tell them that she told Nick to lie. Hanson would go AWOL a few times a year. She would take over the meetings and Nick would deflect calls. Mandy tells them Hanson would go anywhere with whatever actress he happened to be sleeping with. Booth asks for Nick's phone logs from Friday to Sunday... as well as Mandy's logs.

Barry video chats with Hodgins. Hodgins has Barry swab the skull to see if there are any traces from the weapon. Barry then takes a syringe and sticks it into the mass spec. Barry suddenly remembers where he recognizes Cam from. He did a low budget movie in New York called "Invasions of the Mother Suckers," and she looks like one of his co-stars. The results come through and the weapon was brass. Hodgins ignores the results - he's more intrigued by the "Mother Suckers."

Brennan and Dr. Filmore the body's injuries in the Hollywood Bone Room. Dr. Filmore notes fractures on both patellas, which would suggest the victim was knocked over with substantial force. Brennan suggests that the victim hit his head on something made of brass during the fall.

Booth video conferences with Sweets, who explains that criminal records aren't surprising in the entertainment industry. He explains that it's rare that bad behavior is punished - instead, it is publicized and rewarded. Suddenly actor Blaine Conway somersaults into the Hollywood FBI office. Booth takes Blaine down. But Blaine explains he is just trying to learn from the real Agent Andy Lister. Booth tells Blaine that the hotel he claimed to be at when Hanson was murdered had no record of him there. Blaine explained that he had to use a fake name for his own privacy. Booth tells Blaine he not to leave the area as Blaine somersaults out of Lister's office.

Angela shows Cam what she found on Hanson's phone. There was an angry voicemail from writer Liam Toynen, who threatened Hanson. The call came from a Bungalow 314, on the lot. Angela also shows Cam multiple websites that Liam visited, including the site "How To Commit The Perfect Murder."

Booth and Brennan head to Bungalow 314. Brennan notices a sprinkler head that could match the head injury on the victim. Brennan pulls out her ALS and finds blood.


Booth and Brennan question Liam Toynen on the FBI set. Liam tells Booth that the websites he visited were for research. Liam explains that he was angry with Hanson because he wanted him to a write a script for free. Liam explains that he and Hanson would argue a lot and Hanson would always come around and give him money to rewrite crappy movies... including Brennan's. Liam tells the couple the only reason Brennan's movie is being made was so Hanson could get in Cherie Redfern's pants.

Hodgins enters Angela's office with his laptop. He reveals a still of "The Invasion of the Mother Suckers" featuring Cam. Hodgins tells Angela that since the movie is out of print, she must use all the technology at her disposal to track down a copy.

Booth questions the seductive Cherie in her trailer. She tells Booth that Hanson respected her talent even though they were sleeping together. Hanson had promised Cherie a role in another movie but ended up giving it to Jennifer Garner. Cherie admits she was upset, but that Mandy was the one who has been after Hanson's job for two years. Cherie's trailer door opens, revealing Fernando the gardener carrying an orchard for her. Booth puts it together that Cherie was also sleeping with Fernando. Cherie tells Booth she was on set all day and night the when Hanson was killed. Fernando tells Booth he was taking a writing seminar and has the receipts to prove it. Booth leaves the two of them to finish their lovers' quarrel.

Brennan checks in with Dr. Filmore who has found debris of glass embedded in the bones. Brennan pulls out the map of foliage she got from the groundskeeper. Dr. Filmore explains to Brennan that he can make a sonographic representation of the impression made on the dirt the night of the attack. Brennan is skeptical about his abilities.

Booth and Brennan stroll around the lot. Booth informs Brennan that Mike has offered him a position. Booth tries to sell the idea to Brennan who doesn't quite agree that a life in Los Angeles is right for their family.

Hodgins comes into Angela's office for an update. Good news! He found the director of "Invasion of the Mother Suckers," who has a copy of the film. Dr. Filmore interrupts via video chat to show the couple his "Gait Replicator." Dr. Filmore wears this apparatus, which will send the height, bone structure, and weight distribution of the victim to the Angelatron.

Brennan tells Booth that from the Gait Replicator, Angela and Dr. Filmore were able to find partial tire tracks at the murder scene. Hanson was running from a small car that knocked him over into the sprinkler, causing the skull fracture. Brennan takes Booth to Mandy Oh's red Mini Cooper that fits the description of the vehicle. Booth notices foliage on the undercarriage of the car. Uh oh.


Mandy Oh denies killing Hanson. Booth questions Mandy about the foliage found under her car. Mandy calls over Valerie the groundskeeper. Valerie admits to them that last week Mandy was texting and driving and swerved into a leg of one of the giraffe topiaries. Brennan asks to get a sample of the foliage from the giraffe.

Barry confirms that the foliage under Mandy's car is not a match. The results from the mass spec confirm that particulates found in the victim's hand are aluminosilicate, which is used in cell phones.

Brennan explains to Booth that the aluminosilicate was from a phone that was crushed into the victim's hand when he was run over. Booth suggests that maybe Hanson had more than one phone: one personal, one business.

Angela confirms Booth's suspicion that Hanson had two phones. She shows Cam some of the texts that Hanson sent Cherie. Angela is able to recover a video from Hanson's phone of Cherie and director, Jocco Kent, getting hot and heavy in her trailer. The women are interrupted by an excited Hodgins who finally has "The Invasion of the Mother Suckers." Cam hears this and is completely mortified.

Mike and Booth go to set to stop production. Jocco Kent has had enough of their interfering. All he wants to do is make a little movie magic! Booth threatens to arrest him but Joccos tries to run off. Suddenly, Blaine lunges at Jocco and tackles him. Booth is confused but Blaine explains to Booth he's in character and wanted to do what a real FBI agent would do.


Jocco Kent finally sits down to answer questions. Jocco is genuinely surprised to hear that Cherie was sleeping with other men. Jocco admits that he did hear shouting that night by the bungalows. Mike tells Booth that Jocco drives a small car, and Brennan insists they check out the car.

Dr. Filmore video chats with Cam and Angela. He explains that the vehicle that hit Hanson was turning to avoid hitting the bungalows. Angela tests the turning radius of Mandy's Mini and Jocco's car: neither is a match. The turning radius is much smaller.

Booth, Brennan and Barry return to Cherie's trailer. Barry notices the elephant topiary outside the trailer contains the same foliage they're looking for. He notes that the trunk of the elephant has been grafted. The branches and foliage show that the graft was sealed together an hour after being severed. Suddenly, Valerie the groundskeeper comes racing over in her golf cart shouting to the three of them to step away from the topiary. It's her masterpiece! Brennan examines her golf cart, which has blood on the bumper. It also has a small turning radius. Booth figures it out: Valerie saw Hanson ripping the off the topiary's trunk so he could see into Cherie's trailer. Valerie ran Hanson over.

Booth and Brennan stroll the lot after Valerie's arrest. Brennan tells Booth that she had been thinking about his job offer. Booth informs her that he turned down the position since he wouldn't be working with his favorite partner... Brennan.

The couple happily returns to the Jeffersonian with donuts and treats from their trip. Booth has good news: the studio wants the gang to have a cameo in the film due to all their hard work solving the case. Everyone is thrilled, especially Hodgins. The team watches Cam's acting debut in "The Invasion of the Mother Suckers." Everyone laughs at Cam's terrible performance.

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