Episode 6.08 : The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck

  • Bones
    • Episode Premiere : December 02, 2010
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 6
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2017
    • Production Company: Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Gordon C. Lonsdale
  • Screenwriter Josh Berman
  • Main Cast
    • Emily Deschanel as Paint Throwing Fur-Activist,
    • David Boreanaz as Extra,
    • Michaela Conlin,
    • T.J. Thyne,
    • Tamara Taylor,
    • John Francis Daley,
    • John Boyd

  • Additional Cast
    • Katheryn Winnick as Hannah Burley,
    • Ty Panitz,
    • Carla Gallo,
    • Alastair Ferrie,
    • Mac Brandt

The Story


As the sun rises over the trees, a truck by the side of the road catches fire. There's a huge explosion! Too bad for the man sleeping inside...

As Hannah gets dressed, she accidently knocks over a picture of Booth and Parker. The frame breaks and the glass shatters. Hannah feels terrible. She told Booth she wasn't good with kids. Booth tells her not to worry about it. Parker can't wait to meet her.

At the crime scene, the Arson Investigator tells Booth and Brennan they cannot determine a point of ignition. There is white powder all over the vehicle and Booth notices that the VIN plate is still on the car, though the numbers are illegible. Finally, the crew is able to remove the roof from the vehicle, exposing the skeleton. It seems to have melted to the dashboard. Brennan tells Booth that bones don't melt.

At the Lab, Hodgins is excited by the "melted" bones. Brennan gives him the white powder to analyze. Cam points to a bullet in the chest. Is this our cause of death?


Cam shoots the bones with liquid nitrogen as Daisy begs to have a try. It was her idea to remove them from the car this way. Why should Cam have all the fun? Daisy has not yet had her FBI psych evaluation so she doesn't have clearance to work unsupervised. However, Cam finally relents and lets Daisy have a try. She squeals with delight.

Angela talks to Booth about the VIN number. She was only able to recover the last four digits. Booth thinks this will still help him get a match. Sweets enters, all smiles. Booth wanted to see him? Booth needs advice about Hannah and Parker. They've never met but Parker said he hated Hannah. What should he do? Sweets suggests that Parker could be angry because Hannah is important to Booth, yet Booth won't introduce them. If Parker trusts Booth and Booth trusts Hannah, then the three of them should be fine.

At the Lab, Daisy and Hodgins have identified the white powder as magnesium oxide. Magnesium burns hot and fast. A magnesium fire would crystallize the bone mineral making them appear to have melted. Magnesium needs to be wet in order to ignite. Hodgins checked the meteorological charts. It rained last night, starting the fire.

Booth walks through Jesse's Chopper Shop where Randy Siminoff welds a motorcycle frame. Booth asks him where he can find Jesse Wilson. Are those magnesium scraps that Booth sees? Randy says Jesse is in the back and they often use magnesium at the shop. Booth finds Jesse and tells him they found a truck registered to his company with a dead body inside. Jesse realizes that it must be George Lyford. He didn't show up for work this morning. George was having money problems so Jesse gave him magnesium scraps to sell at the recycling plant. Booth wonders if Jesse caught George stealing the magnesium. Jesse followed him and shot him with the nine millimeter registered in his name. Jesse tells Booth to get out.

In the Bone Room, Daisy has news for Brennan: the victim did not die of a gunshot wound. Upon reexamination, it is clear that the bullet only penetrated a few millimeters, which is not enough to cause death. The bone warped around the bullet. Cam comes in to report that the victim's wife took out a life insurance policy on him one week ago.


Booth and Brennan visit Kathy Lyford in her high school classroom. She has detention duty so Booth tells Brennan to watch the students while he talks to Kathy. In the classroom, Brennan finds Randy Siminoff, Paul Linoto, Jill Macintosh and Amber Flaire. They all like Brennan. Amber teases Randy by ripping open the zipper of his pants. He storms away before Brennan can get any information from him.

In the hallway, Kathy is upset to learn her husband is dead. Booth asks about the life insurance policy. Kathy explains it was George's idea. They were trying to have a baby and George wanted to protect his family. Kathy didn't know George was missing because she was on a trip with her students. Booth wants her to come in for further questioning.

At the Lab, Daisy tells Hodgins there are no striations on the bullet in question. It was never fired so how did it get into the victim? Time for an experiment.

Hannah surprises Booth at the FBI. She purchased a new frame for the photograph of Booth and Parker. Booth tells Hannah he wants her to meet Parker. Hannah is thrilled but doesn't want to mess anything up between Booth and his son. Booth reassures her. They will get along great.

Sweets questions Kathy Lyford at the FBI. He rifles through her credit card statements. Kathy and George were strapped for cash but she liked to shop at online auctions. She bought Star Wars trading cards frequently, paying way more than the cards were actually worth. Kathy gets quiet. She shops when she's stressed. That's all.

Booth tells Brennan that Hannah and Parker are meeting for the first time. He is worried. Sweets rushes up to them. Kathy spent thousands of dollars online buying items that were worthless. She always bought from the same person: Vader649. She was probably laundering money. Booth will get a subpoena for the identity of Vader649.

In the Ookey Room, Hodgins and Daisy set out to prove the victim was shot by ammunition stored in the vehicle. They set up an experiment to see if the magnesium fire would be enough to fire a bullet. BOOM! Everything goes according to plan except Hodgins is struck by the bullet casing. Ouch!

At the FBI, Sweets sits with Paul Linoto, also known as Vader649. Paul insists he didn't do anything wrong. Sweets wants to know why Kathy Lyford, his teacher, was really paying him. Did she hire him to kill her husband?


Kathy faces Sweets at the FBI. She admits she was paying Paul. She couldn't afford the cash and this was a way to charge it. She was having an affair. Paul caught her and began to blackmail her: $500 per month or he would tell her husband. Sweets wants a name. Kathy confesses: Randy Siminoff, one of her students. George got him a job at Jesse's Chopper Shop. Sweets wonders if Randy killed George in order to have Kathy to himself.

Daisy visits Sweets at the FBI. She wants to know what will be on her psych evaluation. People tend to misjudge her and she is really good at her job. It wouldn't be fair if she lost her security clearance. Sweets caves and agrees to discuss the test with Daisy.

In Angela's Office, Angela has reconstructed the skeletal system using the Angelatron. There are marks on the ilium. Brennan doesn't think an injury at that location would be fatal but a nicked mandible might be. It looks like a knife caused this injury.

At the park, Booth, Parker and Hannah sit in uncomfortable silence. Parker does not want to talk to Hannah, even after she tells him about her camel race. Booth tries to get him to talk about his second-place science fair win but nothing is working. Hannah asks Booth to leave her alone with Parker. Booth agrees and Hannah works her magic: "Maybe you hate me a little. Or even a lot. I might be trying to steal your dad. Wouldn't it be better if you knew for sure what was going on? So you have a real reason to hate me?" Parker is intrigued. He asks Hannah about the camel, about marrying his dad, having kids and ice cream. Booth watches as Parker and Hannah bond. He smiles.


Booth and Brennan drive as Brennan formulates a plan to charm Randy Siminoff into divulging information. After all, he prefers mature teacher types. Booth shuts this plan down. He tells Brennan that things went well between Parker and Hannah. Brennan asserts that everyone loves Hannah. Why wouldn't Parker? There is an awkward silence before Brennan asks how they will get Randy to talk. Booth has his own plan.

At the high school, Booth and Brennan search Randy's locker. There is no right to privacy at school so they can look inside. Brennan pulls out a large hunting knife. Randy runs but Booth stops him.

Sweets gives Daisy a little coaching for her psych evaluation. Red should not be her favorite color. Two should be her favorite number. Booth calls Sweets away so Sweets tells Daisy she will be fine. She doesn't need to worry about the test.

Randy insists that having sex with his teacher was no big deal. Sweets disagrees. It can cause psychological damage. They found a knife in his locker and George was killed with a knife. Randy only used the knife to pry open another kid's locker for a prank. Sweets notes that Randy and Kathy talked on the phone everyday. Sounds likes more than just sex. Randy admits he loves Kathy. She loves him too. She would've left her husband. Randy doesn't have an alibi.

After swabbing the stab wound, Hodgins has determined the murder weapon was made of carbon steel, meaning it was forged prior to 1964. It was also laminated in silver. Randy's knife is not the right one. However, a Damascus Blade was a knife laminated in silver. Hitler had 30 of them made as gifts for his top commanders. American soldiers coveted these knives and sometimes stole them. Jesse Wilson's grandfather was in the army during World War II. The murder weapon belonged to Jesse Wilson.


Booth confronts Jesse at his Chopper Shop. Jesse admits to owning the knife but says it was stolen along with some tools and other parts six months ago. He suspected Randy's girlfriend, Amber, and filed a police report but nothing ever came of it.

Brennan carefully examines the "melted" bones. Daisy interrupts with news: she passed her psychological evaluation. Brennan turns her attention to the faint impressions on the ilium. It appears to be a sequence of dash marks. Daisy thinks it looks like a zipper. An open zipper with bent teeth. It's been ripped open! Brennan saw one of the students do this in detention.

Booth and Brennan take Amber Flaire to the crime scene. They accuse her of killing George Lyford and show her the murder weapon, which they found in her room. Amber claims George tried to rape her. Brennan and Booth know this isn't true. She wanted revenge on Kathy Lyford for stealing her boyfriend. She thought that George might be angry enough to help, by killing his wife or having sex with Amber. George wouldn't do either. So she stabbed him.

Booth and Brennan eat at the Diner. Booth says that Kathy is going to jail. Brennan believes the teacher should pay for her actions. Hannah and Parker arrive, returning from the zoo. Brennan regales Parker with animal facts and Parker tells Hannah that Brennan is cool. She can do a cannonball and has a pool at her house. Brennan is happy to have Parker's affections but Booth's clearly belong to someone else.






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