American Dad!

Episode 2.01 : Camp Refoogee

  • American Dad!
    • Episode Premiere : September 10, 2006
    • Distributor : TBS
    • Genre : Animation, Comedy
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2005 - Now
    • Production Company: Fuzzy Door Prod., Atlantic Creative, Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

The bell rings and the high school kids flood out the front doors, excited about their summer vacation. Steve sneaks out the side, cautiously looking around. He makes his way down the street before a black sedan speeds up and chases Steve down.

In a dry aqueduct, the sedan corners Steve. Stan emerges from the car and slowly walks towards Steve. Steve pleads with his father, "Dad! No!" Stan begs Steve to look over several camp brochures that he has picked up. Suddenly, Francine plows the family SUV into Stan's parked sedan and yells to Steve. "Steve, come with me if you want to home this summer!" Steve runs to his mother.

Steve and Francine work in the garden. Stan pops up from the ground and tries again to convince Steve to go away to summer camp. Steve refuses and Francine takes Steve's side.

Francine walks inside where Roger yammers on dressed as a 1920's era private investigator. Roger tells Francine that the only way he keeps his sanity while trapped in the house is to roll play.

Stan drags Steve to a sport goods store. If he can't send Steve to camp, then they're going to make a camp in the back yard. A store employee tells Stan that they're out of tents because they have been shipping them off to another camp. Stan begs the employee to get Steve into the camp.

Francine is furious that Stan sent Steve away to camp. Hayley reads the name of the camp, Stan accidentally sent Steve to a refugee camp in Africa.

Steve stands outside his tent, lost in a sea of refugees and looking for his Care Bear towel.

At a CIA airbase, Francine orders Stan to bring home Steve. Hayley wants to go with to let the refugees know that people care about their plight.

Stan and Hayley arrive at the camp. Stan doesn't think the place is all bad and Hayley goes to help at a UN tent. Stan asks the villagers if they have seen Steve and Stan is aided by an older man named, Wabuto Kawanga Kumali which Stan affectionately nicknames "Hot Rod."

Francine feels lonely without Steve in town and Roger suggests that they both go to an art opening as characters.

Steve finds Stan and begs him to go home. But Stan wants to show Steve that camp is great. He looks around and thinks he can clean up the area. He announces to the people that he is open Camp Refugee.

Hayley protests how the UN employees are living a lavish lifestyle, while the refugees struggle for water. But once Hayley finds out that Stan sent the jet home, she takes advantage of the UN benefits.

Roger and Francine build out their character's back stories at the art gallery. They banter back and forth and are having a blast being other people. Francine suggests that Roger's character have a background in economics, instead of Roger's suggestion of political science.

Stan tries to get Steve involved in camp activities and Steve tells Stan that his camp experience will never be as good as his fathers. A CIA plane flies overhead and drops supplies for the camp. The boxes are full of camp t-shirts and tether balls.

Steve is upset and finds a seat next to the local watering hole. Suddenly, a beautiful refugee girl charges towards him wielding a giant sword. She leaps into the watering and slays a giant snake. She introduces herself as Makeva and hopes to see Steve at the camp dance.

At the watering hole, "Hot Rod" points out a camp across the water that belongs a rebel camp who forced the refugees to their current camp. "Hot Rod" says the leader is ruthless, but Stan can't resist dropping his pants and mooning the enemy camp.

Roger and Francine, still living their lives as their characters, invite another couple from the local country club to dinner.

At the dance, Makeva gives Steve a necklace with a giant snake tooth. Before the two can kiss, Stan jumps in an ruins the moment. Steve runs after Makeva.

But outside the camp, the rebels are attacking on horseback. They fire guns, burn tents and the rebel leader, Ozomatli, kidnaps Makeva.

The next morning, Stan surveys the destruction. Steve begs him to help get Makeva back and Steve forces Stan to help the refugees.

Stan meets Ozomatli and challenges them to a camp Olympics. If Stan wins, they get Makeva and the refugee's land back. If Ozomatli wins, the rebels get Makeva and Stan's camp t-shirts.

Roger and Francine charm Rick and Candy, the couple from the country club. But Francine slips up and says they were in Egypt while Roger was doing work for his economics dissertation. Roger excuses himself and Francine to discuss her slip up. Roger isn't happy. He saunters back to Rick and Candy and tells them that Francine's character was in rehab.

The camp Olympics begin. Throughout the events, the camps are neck and neck until the talent competition where Ozomatli's sweet singing voice brings everyone to tears.

Roger and Francine continue to battle it out verbally in front of their guests until it escalates into a fist fight and Rick and Candy run from the house.

The final Olympic event comes down to a footrace between Steve and Ozomatli. Steve looses ground until he comes face to face with a lion. His fear propels him across the finish line and he defeats Ozomatli. However, Makeva's heart was won be Ozomatli's singing voice and she leaves with him.

Francine and Roger sit in the rubble of the living room and settle their character's differences.

Steve sits atop a hill, watching the celebrations below. Stan helps Steve get passed the pain of Makeva choosing another man.






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