American Dad!

Episode 1.22 : With Friends Like Steve's

  • American Dad!
    • Episode Premiere : May 07, 2006
    • Distributor : TBS
    • Genre : Animation, Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2005 - Now
    • Production Company: Fuzzy Door Prod., Atlantic Creative, Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director John Aoshima
  • Screenwriter Erik Durbin
  • Main Cast
    • Seth MacFarlane as Seth MacFarlane / Larry Cummings / Steve (voice),
    • Wendy Schaal,
    • Rachael MacFarlane,
    • Scott Grimes,
    • Dee Bradley Baker,
    • Ellie Kemper as Girl in Bar

  • Additional Cast

The Story

Stan and Steve walk towards CIA Headquarters. Stan is excited about their visit, but Steve would rather be doing something else. Each step of the way, Stan finds something else to annoy Steve with. Whether it be shooting at Steve behind bullet proof glass, or talking to the same armed dolphins again. Steve just wants to go home.

Stan realizes that Steve doesn't look up to him anymore and opens up to Roger. But when Hayley offers Roger an escape from the conversation, he leaves with her. Francine tells Stan that Steve is just going through a phase. The doorbell rings and Steve answers it. It's his friend Barry, who Stan doesn't like at all.

Hayley is upset that her college gave money to the fraternities instead of an Eskimo studies program. Roger tags along and finds his way to the front door of a frat asking for booze.

Stan, Steve and Francine eat their dinner at one table while Barry eats at a separate table a few feet away. Francine asks Stan to tell a story and Barry gets excited to hear it while Steve rolls his eyes.

Stan and Barry return from their trip to the Franklin Mint and Steve realizes that Stan is trying to replace him with Barry.

Stan shows Barry his commemorative plate collection. Barry's watch beeps and it's time for his "vitamin." Stan convinces Barry that he doesn't need vitamins. Steve sees Stan and Barry and wonders why Stan bends the house rules for Barry.

Roger becomes the hit of the frat house when he does the longest keg-stand they've ever seen.

Stan comes into Steve's room and unrolls a sleeping bag. He tells Steve that Barry is sleeping over. Steve confronts Barry and tells him to go home. Suddenly, Barry's voice changes from the usual nerd-slurring, to that a refined, maniacal genius. Barry tells Steve that no one is going to stand in the way of his friendship with Stan.

Steve tells Stan about Barry's transformation, but Stan doesn't believe it. Barry wanders down the stairs, dressed exactly like Stan and seemingly normal. Barry tells Stan and Francine he'd like to go to church before breakfast, then offers his arm to Francine as they leave.

Roger is cracking jokes with the frat boys when they walk into Hayley who is still protesting the funding. Roger invites Hayley's fellow protestors to a party at the frat house and they happily accept. Hayley is furious.

Barry places a sandwich on one of Stan's commemorative plates when Steve confronts him again. Barry cries and says he wants to have a dad like Stan, and wearing oven mitts, hands Steve the plate and sandwich. Steve realizes it's on a commemorative plate and Barry says he's going to go pack his things and go.

Late at night, Stan and Francine wake up to the sound of breaking glass. Stan knows that it's his plate collection. He opens the door, and all the plates are trashed. Barry and Steve walk in and Barry says that they dust for prints.

Stan scans the prints he finds against the CIA database. The print matches Steve and Stan asks why he would destroy the plates. Steve sees the plate he touched earlier and knows Barry framed him. Stan and Francine play right into Barry's plan and Francine thinks Steve is out of control. Barry recommends tough love.

The next morning, two men throw Steve in a van labeled, "CAMP FOR WAYWARD YOUTH." Barry hugs Stan and Francine as the van pulls away.

On an oil derrick in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, A Drill Sergeant yells at Steve and tells him to expect hard and unusual punishment.

Two little girls enjoy a tea party in their backyard. Suddenly, Stan and Barry spring from bunkers in the ground ready for battle. Stan fires a flaming arrow at the girl's table and Barry beheads a stuffed bunny. Barry wants to go get frappaccinos with Stan, but Francine needs help moving furniture. Stan leaves and Barry turns back into evil-Barry and schemes to kill Francine.

A Drill Sergeant hands out pills to the kids in the camp. The pills dumb the kids down, and Steve realizes that Barry's vitamin was the same pill. Steve needs a way to contact his parents. Another kid tells Steve he smuggled in a cell phone in an uncomfortable place.

Steve calls home and Barry answers. Steve tries to tell Barry to take his vitamins and Barry tells Steve he's going to remove Francine from the picture.

The frat party rages on and Hayley tries to convince her fellow protestors to leave. Roger suggests she should loosen up.

Barry sits on a chair in Stan's bedroom, pointing a gun at Stan. Stan asks where Francine is and Barry says she's where she can't get between them.

Francine is buried alive in the backyard.

Barry orders Stan downstairs to play another "game."

While the Drill Sergeant is distracted, Steve and two other boys make a break for it. Using the skills he learned from his father, Steve moves unnoticed through the guards. He tries to lower the speed boat but sets off the alarm instead. Steve grabs the public address microphone and uses dolphin-speak to call dolphins for help. The boys drop into the ocean where they ride dolphins to safety.

The next morning, Hayley walks down the stairs of the frat house and Roger smiles knowing she gave in. After Hayley leaves, a frat brother tells Roger he has to clean the house. Roger spits on the guy and walks out.

Hayley walks down frat row and is passed by Roger being chased by frat boys.

Barry points his gun at Stan as they play the board game, Sorry. Steve charges through the front door on a horse, disguised as a jockey. Barry knocks Stan out and Steve demands that Barry take his pill. Steve offers one more challenge to evil-Barry. He holds two drinks, one has Barry's pill in it. After stalling, Barry grabs a glass.

Stan and Steve drive Barry home. Barry is back to normal and Steve reveals that he put pills in both of the glasses, then he waves the car's floor mat around.

Stan apologizes to Steve for sending him to work camp, and Steve says it was okay because he learned to appreciate his father again. The two smile, then go outside to dig up Francine.






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