Tom Ackerley Spends '24 Hours a Day' With Margot Robbie

The British film producer and his actress wife, who appears in 'Barbie and Birds of Prey', have become inseparable partners in both their personal and professional lives.

AceShowbiz - Tom Ackerley and Margot Robbie, married for seven years, have a unique and seamless relationship that transcends the traditional boundaries between business and pleasure. The couple spends "24 hours a day" together, according to Ackerley.

"It's all become one thing," Ackerley told The Sunday Times. "We don't have a toggle on, toggle off."

Despite their close connection, they do have one playful rivalry: deciding which snack is superior, Tim Tams or Penguins. Ackerley jokingly expressed a desire for more intense sporting competition between Australia and England, which are the home countries of the two actors.

Robbie, known for her roles in movies like "Barbie" and "Birds of Prey", has recently branched out into the beverage industry with the launch of Papa Salt gin. She emphasizes the difference between the film business, where outcomes are uncertain, and the more straightforward nature of her new venture.

"You can lay this out on a spreadsheet in a way that you can't lay out a movie idea," she said.

Ackerley and Robbie co-founded their production company, LuckyChap Entertainment, in 2014. Since then, they have produced critically acclaimed films such as "I, Tonya" and "Barbie". Ackerley describes their partnership as a testament to their shared passion for supporting women in the entertainment industry.

"I have watched for the last 10 years as these two dudes have dedicated their careers to supporting women in this industry, and nothing could make me love them more," Robbie said in a speech read by Ackerley.

Together, they are also investors in Josey McNamara, Charlie Maas, and Regan Riskas' new alcohol brand. Their future projects include producing the shroom-fueled comedy "My Old A**" and the Netflix series "Sirens".

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