Foolio's Assassination Sparks Diss Track From Yungeen Ace

Florida rapper Foolio was shot and killed while celebrating his 26th birthday in Miami, leading to a controversial reaction from his longtime rival Yungeen Ace.

AceShowbiz - Yungeen Ace, who had engaged in a bitter feud with Foolio for years, dropped a new song titled, "Do It", hours after news of the Florida rapper's death became public. "Catch his a** and do his a**, you know he's finished," Ace raps on the track.

Foolio was shot and killed in the parking lot of a Holiday Inn in Tampa over the weekend. He just turned 26 years old two days before the shooting and was celebrating his birthday at the hotel when the violent attack took place.

Ace's new song highlights a long-standing rivalry between Ace's ATK crew and Foolio's KTA crew. In 2021, Ace released "Who I Smoke", which mentioned the names of several dead associates of Foolio. Foolio responded with "When I See You", which sampled a news team's coverage of the killing of Ace's brother.

TMZ obtained footage of the crime scene, which showed the aftermath of a violent shooting. Cars were riddled with bullet holes and a victim was being carried away on a stretcher. Police vehicles, paramedics and other emergency personnel were also present.

Foolio's lawyer Lewis Fusco confirmed his client's death in a statement on Sunday, June 23. He revealed that Foolio had been asked to leave an Airbnb due to overcrowding and had relocated to the Holiday Inn, where he was later ambushed.

Yungeen Ace's diss track sparked controversy, and Charleston White also made an insensitive comment about Foolio's death. However, tributes for the late rapper have been pouring out on social media.

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