Lindsay Hubbard Donates Wedding Dresses to Chick Mission

After ending her engagement with Carl Radke, the 'Summer House' star has decided to donate her three wedding dresses to a charitable organization that supports women with cancer.

AceShowbiz - Lindsay Hubbard, known for her role in the reality show "Summer House", has taken a significant step in moving forward from her breakup with ex-fiance Carl Radke by donating the three wedding dresses she had planned to wear. After the couple's engagement ended, Lindsay remained in their shared apartment while Carl moved out but continued to pay rent. The dresses in her closet served as a constant reminder of their relationship.

Instead of simply discarding the dresses, Lindsay opted to donate them to a worthy cause. She hosted an event at Kleinfeld Bridal, where she purchased the gowns, to showcase them and raise funds for Chick Mission, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing fertility preservation options for young women newly diagnosed with cancer.

Lindsay revealed that 100% of the proceeds from the dresses' sale through Kleinfeld Again would benefit Chick Mission. This donation is particularly meaningful to Lindsay, who has expressed her desire to become a mother. She believes that supporting women who may still have the opportunity to have children is a commendable cause.

Lindsay's decision to donate her wedding dresses not only symbolizes her emotional detachment from her past relationship but also her commitment to helping others. By donating these beautiful and valuable gowns, she is ensuring that they will be appreciated and used to make a positive impact on the lives of women facing cancer.

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