Robert De Niro Smitten With 'Little Doll' Daughter Gia
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The legendary actor, who welcomed his seventh child at age 79, gushes over his one-year-old daughter Gia and reflects on his fulfilling fatherhood experiences and thriving career in Hollywood.

AceShowbiz - Robert De Niro, at 80 years old, is a doting father to seven children and continues to excel in his Hollywood career. In an interview with Haute Living New York, he expressed his immense joy as a parent, especially with the arrival of his newborn daughter Gia.

"She's a little doll. There's nothing like it," De Niro said. "The baby is so cute, and so innocent, and so lovable. Every little word she says is very sweet and adorable."

De Niro credits his ability to balance fatherhood with his career to the support he receives. "I'm lucky. I have had help doing it with the kids, with the babies, so that makes it easier, more manageable," he admitted.

Beyond fatherhood, De Niro is passionate about his work. "I enjoy it...If you enjoy doing it and so on, then that's 80 percent of your motivation right there," he shared. He hopes that his legacy will be remembered for his collaborations with Martin Scorsese and his dedication to his craft.

Despite acknowledging past regrets, De Niro remains optimistic. He said, "We take the ups with the downs, and happiness when it's there, but don't get too happy because there's always something around the corner that's going to want to dampen that."

Most recently, De Niro celebrated Gia's first birthday. "She had a little cake, it was very nice, sweet," he spilled. "She's pure joy, there's nothing about her, there's no judgement...she just is what she is and it's just pure joy for God sakes."

De Niro's other children, ranging in age from 12 to 56, also bring him immense fulfillment. He cherishes family gatherings, which he considers "everything to me."

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