Diddy's Ex-Bodyguard Confirms Rapper's 'Freak Offs' With Cassie and Male Escorts
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In a new interview, Roger Bonds recalls seeing male escorts go to the embattled hip-hop mogul's hotel room and how the rapper went mad when one of his closely guarded tapes went missing.

AceShowbiz - Roger Bonds has weighed in Cassie's allegation that Sean "P. Diddy" Combs would force her to engage in sex acts with male sex workers. In an interview with VladTV, Diddy's former bodyguard recalled seeing male escorts go to the rapper's hotel room for what were dubbed "freak offs."

Being the "nosy" person that he acknowledged, Roger said he once encountered one of the male escorts in an elevator and watched him go into Diddy's room. "I stayed on the elevator and the elevator stopped on Puff's floor," he alleged. "He just walked straight to Puff's door."

Roger said that Diddy always had a camera bag with him and had an assistant who was instructed to keep a close eye on the camera and cassettes. He claimed that one time his then-boss went mad when the assistant lost one of the tapes.

Roger also said he would buy sex toys for Diddy and that Diddy likes "big black d**ks." Putting two and two together when he read Cassie's lawsuit, Roger said, "So when I read the lawsuit, I kind of had to go back and think to myself, 'Damn, was that that big black c**k for her or was it for him?' "

In her lawsuit filed in November 2023, Cassie alleged Diddy forced her to engage in acts with male escorts while he filmed the activities. The lawsuit noted that the rapper had a collection of masquerade masks, drugs and recording equipment.

The assistants were reportedly responsible for arranging and managing these encounters, sometimes involving Cassie searching online for suitable men, as specified by Diddy. She said these events were orchestrated to fulfill Diddy's fantasy of voyeurism.

Diddy settled Cassie's lawsuit one day after it was filed despite denying the allegations she made against him. In May, CNN obtained and published a video of Diddy assaulting Cassie in a hotel hallway in a 2016 incident.

Meanwhile, in his interview with VladTV, Roger has shared other details about Diddy's relationship with Cassie. He said he witnessed the R&B singer punched Diddy in the face during a fight and claimed that Diddy beat out his then-girlfriend over her alleged affair with Kid Cudi.

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