Ariana Grande Addresses Speaking Voice Change for 'Wicked' Role

Ariana Grande has explained the reason behind the noticeable shift in her speaking voice, attributing it to her preparation for the role of Glinda in the upcoming 'Wicked' movie adaptation.

AceShowbiz - Ariana Grande has addressed the recent change in her speaking voice, which has been a topic of discussion among fans. In a recent interview on the "Podcrushed" podcast, Grande's voice shifted from high to low and then back to a higher register.

In the comments section of a viral TikTok clip of the podcast moment, Grande clarified that the vocal change is a "habit" she has developed over the past two years while preparing for her role as Glinda in "Wicked." She explained that she intentionally alters her "vocal placement" depending on her singing activity, and that it has become a necessary technique to maintain vocal health.

Grande has been cast as Glinda since November 2021, and the role has required her to undergo extensive vocal training. She has previously expressed her excitement about the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream of playing the character.

The shift in Grande's voice is believed to be related to the vocal demands of the role of Glinda, which is known for its high-pitched and ethereal qualities. Grande has been working closely with vocal coaches to prepare for the role and ensure the longevity of her voice.

Despite the vocal changes, Grande remains focused on her music career. She has hinted at the possibility of releasing a deluxe edition of her latest album, "Eternal Sunshine," and has been sharing updates about her songwriting process.

While the higher-pitched speaking voice may be a permanent change for Grande, her fans can still expect to hear her signature vocals in her upcoming music.

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