Karol G Heckled at Amsterdam Concert After Allegedly Showing Support for Israel

During her stop in Amsterdam, Netherland for her 'Manana Sera Bonito Tour', the award-winning Colombian musician is booed by the concertgoers after acknowledging Israeli fans.

AceShowbiz - Karol G might have pissed her fans off during her stop in Amsterdam, Netherland for her "Manana Sera Bonito Tour". In the Saturday, June 15 show, the "Amargura" hitmaker was booed by the audience after allegedly showing support for Israel.

During a break at her concert, the Colombian singer took time to give a shout-out to fans who held up the flags of their countries. The award-winning musician started naming several countries including Chile and Cuba.

At one point, Karol said, "I see some people from Israel!" However, it was immediately met with booing from the concertgoers as they disapproved of Karol's acknowledgment to Israeli fans amid the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Upon catching wind of the clip, some Internet users blasted Karol with one saying, "Karol C [sic] >> canceled." Another commented, "i'm not surprised considering she's been to israel and has performed there lol."

However, some other fans begged to differ. "She didnt support isreal she said 'i see some people from israel!' just like she was with all the other countries she was yelling like chile, and cuba," one fan defended the star. Similarly, someone else added, "What support? She's only saying the flags that are in her concert."

Karol has yet to comment on the matter.

On other related news to the singer, she recently confirmed that she's working on a new album as she's set to conclude her tour soon. In her cover story with Vogue Espana, Karol talked about the new music she is recording, noting that the follow-up to "Manana Sera Bonito" has actually been in development since last year.

"I've been working on my new album since the middle of last year," she shared. "Although I was already promoting 'Manana Sera Bonito' in June 2023, I had the first idea to start expressing things in my songs and, this year, since January 2, after spending New Year's Eve with my family in Colombia, I went to Los Angeles and started working day after day in the studio."

Karol released "Manana Sera Bonito" in February 2023, making history as the first woman to reach No. 1 on the all-genre Billboard 200 chart with an all-Spanish LP. She started her "Manana Sera Bonito Tour" in August of the same year and is currently on the final leg of her tour in Europe.

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