Joe Alwyn Denies Ever Stepping Foot in 'The Black Dog' Pub Mentioned in Ex-GF Taylor Swift's Song
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From song lyrics to real-life intrigue, Taylor Swift's new track 'The Black Dog' has fans speculating about her past relationships, all while her ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn firmly denies ever going to the said bar.

AceShowbiz - During a recent interview with The Sunday Times, Joe Alwyn, 33, was asked about his downtime activities and the pub his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift, referenced in her song, "The Black Dog."

Alwyn remarked that he spends his time similarly to anyone else - seeing friends, traveling, and visiting pubs. When pressed about the pub named in Swift's lyrics, he replied, "I've never been to Vauxhall," in reference to the London suburb where The Black Dog pub is located.

Swift's song, part of her latest album "The Tortured Poets Department", dives into the emotions surrounding her past relationships.

Fans were quick to speculate whether "The Black Dog" was about her recent ex, Matty Healy, as opposed to Alwyn. The 1975 frontman dated Swift for a few months in Spring 2023, and interestingly, his band often covers songs by the pop-punk band The Starting Line - another link mentioned in Swift's song.

In "The Black Dog," Swift croons, "I am someone who until recent events / You shared your secrets with / And your location, you forgot to turn it off. And so I watch as you walk / Into some bar called The Black Dog / And pierce new holes in my heart."

This vivid imagery has led to a surge in the bar's popularity, with The Black Dog now selling a range of merchandise including hoodies, baseball caps, and pint glasses.

PEOPLE spoke with The Black Dog's Marketing Manager, Amy Cowley, who described the phenomenon as "surreal." She noted, "We're creating T-shirts and people are already buying our pint glasses. The number of people signed up to our mailing list for the merchandise is already in the thousands, so we absolutely anticipate things will sell out as soon as they're ready."

While the real-life inspiration for Swift's song remains ambiguous, Alwyn's remarks add another layer to the puzzle. Describing his six-year relationship with Swift as "long, loving" and "fully committed," he expressed how challenging it has been to see their private life turn into public curiosity following the breakup.

Swift's lyrical storytelling and her fans' detective skills continue to weave a captivating narrative, pulling in elements from her life and turning them into musical art. As for The Black Dog pub, their newfound fame as part of this narrative offers a fascinating example of how pop culture can transform everyday locations into iconic landmarks.

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