Rapper Webbie's DJ Found Dead With His Wife in Murder-Suicide After Criticizing Working Conditions

DJ T Gutta, who worked for Webbie, reportedly killed his wife, Kalisha Seddens-Dunn, before taking his own life after expressing his deep frustrations towards the rapper.

AceShowbiz - In a shocking turn of events, DJ T Gutta, known for his work with rapper Webbie, has reportedly killed himself and his wife, Kalisha Seddens-Dunn, after posting a scathing criticism of his work environment on social media.

According to FOX 5 Atlanta, authorities were alerted to gunshots at the Powder Springs, GA home of DJ T Gutta on Sunday, June 9. Upon arrival, the bodies of T Gutta, whose real name was Notorius Brown, and his wife, Kalisha Seddens-Dunn, were discovered. The Powder Springs Police Department confirmed the details of the tragedy to HipHopDX.

"I can confirm that Notorius Brown died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds after killing Kalisha Seddens-Dunn," said Captain J.W. Holcombe. "I am being told that he went by that name [T Gutta] when performing."

The tragic event unfolded hours after T Gutta posted a lengthy and distressing message on Facebook, where he criticized Webbie over his work conditions. In the post, T Gutta painted a bleak picture of his professional life, emphasizing the lack of appreciation and support from the rapper.

"Dawg DJin for Webbie is a living hell!" he began. "1st That n***a don't want to pay. Then that n***a don't want to see nobody around him shine! Like nobody not even his own brother." T Gutta detailed the numerous roles he fulfilled beyond being a DJ, ranging from driver to counselor, and lamented how his efforts were unrecognized.

"But yet this n***a didn't appreciate none of it," T Gutta continued. "I did all that sh*t with a smile on my face in front of thousands every night, but I was dying inside. All the times he had seizures on the planes, on stages in the hotels, who y'all think was there? Me!"

"Becuz his family ain't wanna deal with him, or nobody on our team wanted to deal with him but me! Our driver quit cuz he ain't wanna pay him. Then every time we would try to make our money in other ways he always found a way to stop that too."

The post has sparked a wave of responses from fans and followers, who are trying to make sense of the tragic loss. The hip-hop community is now left grappling with the aftermath of this harrowing incident, highlighting the darker side of the music industry and the mental health struggles that can often accompany it.

As this story continues to develop, the memories of DJ T Gutta and Kalisha Seddens-Dunn remain in the thoughts of many. This devastating occurrence serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and the need for supportive working environments.

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