Rapper Webbie 'Doing Better' After Collapsing From Terrifying 'Medical Emergency' During Show

Before suddenly passing out, the 'Full of Dat S**t' hitmaker could be seen struggling to walk with his shaky legs after performing at the 213 Lux Lounge in Roanoke, Virginia.

AceShowbiz - Rapper Webbie is reportedly "doing better" after collapsing from a terrifying "medical emergency" during the show. As confirmed by his spokesperson, the "Full of Dat S**t" hitmaker was already given permission to leave the hospital.

A representative of the "How You Ridin'" rapper told TMZ that the musician is currently stable after he was rushed to a hospital following his health scare during his recent show at the 213 Lux Lounge in Roanoke, Virginia. Though the cause of his shocking incident remains unclear, his rep stated that the doctors believed it wasn't a sudden seizure.

In a short video obtained by the publication, Webbie, born Webster Gradney Jr., looked unwell and appeared to walk on very shaky legs towards a door after performing on Friday, August 20. Right before the 35-year-old rapper could exit, he suddenly passed out. He was then immediately surrounded by staff who attempted to carry him out before he was rushed to a hospital.

Fans who witnessed Webbie's scary collapse after the show said that the "Give Me That" rapper seemed to be fine before he went down. In the minutes before the unexpected health scare, fans also reported that he was still behaving normally.

Webbie's sudden collapse came just a few weeks after his Louisiana concert, held at The District nightclub on August 8, turned into the scene of a chaotic shooting. Following the incident, a man, Dashawn Batiste, was killed while a woman was hurt and suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

According to reports, Webbie performed at the club without any drama. Shortly after patrons were gathered outside, an argument erupted between two groups. The gunfire erupted at around 2 A.M. local time, but it's unclear if the incident happened between patrons at the parking lot or when people shot at a moonlighting city officer and he fired back.

"There's no way to know who shot who," Louisiana State Trooper Thomas Gossen said of the tragic event. "There were so many people shooting that we have no clue. It was only one officer involved." The cop added, "There were several parties shooting at each other across the parking lot. There was an active shooting going on before the officer basically engaged them. The whole parking lot is a crime scene."

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