Rebel Wilson Blames Cultural Differences for Stopping Her to Meet Future In-Laws

The actress, who is known for her comedic flair and radiant presence, opens up about her relationship with her fiancee Ramona Agruma and the deep challenges they've faced together.

AceShowbiz - Rebel Wilson and her fiancee Ramona Agruma have been engaged for over a year, yet, due to cultural differences, Wilson has not met her future in-laws. The couple went public with their romance in June 2022 but have faced challenges stemming from Agruma's European heritage.

"Ramona was born in Latvia, and it's not as LGBTQ+-friendly as other countries are," Wilson explained during a video interview with She added, "I just think some people need a bit more time, and some people won't ever come around to it, and that's fine, and that's their decision. There are still parts of the world that aren't as accepting."

Despite these barriers, Wilson is optimistic about meeting Agruma's parents. The couple plans to travel to Europe soon. "I'm really excited to meet them because I know they are very smart. Ramona's mother is a doctor," Wilson revealed.

Her fiancee, Ramona Agruma, is the founder and designer of Lemon Ve Limon, a sustainable fashion brand based in Los Angeles. Their lives have become even richer with their 19-month-old daughter, Royce Lillian, who was born via surrogate in November 2022. Wilson emphasized that their daughter has facilitated virtual meetings with Agruma's parents. "Roycie is the real icebreaker, they've been FaceTiming with her," Wilson shared.

The pair's romantic journey began with a memorable first date detailed in Wilson's memoir. "She sets up our first date for a few hours after I land: lunch at the Hotel Bel-Air," Wilson wrote. Her initial nervousness gave way to an unforgettable connection, as they ended up making out instead of having lunch. This chemistry led to an immediate deep bond.

Their relationship, however, was publicly announced earlier than planned due to the risk of being outed by an Australian gossip reporter. "Some people in her family didn't quite know, and found out via the press," Wilson noted. "I feel really lucky because from my side, I've had literally not one negative reaction."

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