Bad Bunny Shocked as Dancer's Tights Get Stuck to His Crotch Area Onstage
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The 'Me Porto Bonito' hitmaker doesn't let a wardrobe malfunction ruin his concert as he continues belting his song once his dancer fixes the fashion faux pas.

AceShowbiz - Bad Bunny was taken aback by a wardrobe malfunction that occurred in the middle of his concert. While entertaining his fans at his show, the "Me Porto Bonito" hitmaker was shocked upon learning that his dancer's tights got stuck to his pants.

On Friday, June 7, the 30-year-old hip-hop artist took the stage at a venue in San Juan, Puerto Rico. As he performed one of his songs on the stage, he was joined by a number of backup dancers, including one female dancer.

At one point, the dancer approached Bad Bunny before standing up in front of him and showing off her dance moves. However, he appeared to have noticed that her tights got stuck to his pants, which seemingly came with embellishments all over them.

Bad Bunny quickly moved farther away from the dancer as he placed his hand on her back, apparently attempting to fix the wardrobe malfunction. His attempt failed, causing the dancer to get pulled closer to him. While he was shocked by the fashion faux pas, the dancer bursted into laughter and calmly fixed the mishap with one of her hands.

Bad Bunny later giggled and pointed his finger in the dancer's direction while mouthing "no" several times, seemingly telling her not to get too close to him. Still laughing, he then playfully wiped his pants with his hands. He did not let the raunchy interruption ruin the gig as he continued belting out his song shortly after, prompting concertgoers to cheer.

At that time, the Puerto Rican rapper, who worked with Cardi B and J Balvin to create "I Like It" together, was sporting a white-and-blue ensemble. He opted to wear a white tee under a long-sleeved light blue shirt. He completed the look with a pair of matching denim pants, which were long enough to cover his knees.

Bad Bunny also put on a pair of high white socks as well as white-and-blue sneakers. While carrying a white towel, he covered his eyes with a pair of black sunglasses. In addition, he accessorized himself with layers of necklaces, including one that featured a huge cross pendant.

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