Britney's Family Want to Put Her Back on Conservatorship, Allege Drug Use Amid Paul Soliz Romance
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Loved ones express fears for Britney Spears' future and urge for another conservatorship following her reunion with her felon ex due to her alleged erratic behavior and drug use.

AceShowbiz - The glitz and glamour of Britney Spears' public persona have recently been overshadowed by concerns from those closest to her. Loved ones are reportedly apprehensive about the star's state of mind and future, fearing that her current lifestyle could precipitate a relapse into past substance abuse issues. These concerns have reignited calls for placing the pop icon back under conservatorship.

According to an exclusive from TMZ, Britney's family and inner circle are deeply troubled by her reported refusal to take mental health medication alongside persistent drinking and drug use. This combination, they argue, poses a significant risk given her previous battles with addiction.

Adding to the concern is her relationship with Paul Soliz, described by sources as a felon who is "running her household and her life." The involvement of Paul, who has a record of misdemeanors and at least one felony, including a December 2022 charge for firearm possession, is causing additional stress among Britney's loved ones.

Insiders claim that Britney's mood swings often escalate into violent outbursts, making it nearly impossible to communicate with her rationally. "Her mental health is in a tailspin. We fear the only way forward is to place the mother-of-two under another conservatorship," shared a source with TMZ. The sentiment echoes throughout her network, who assert that rational conversation with Britney has become a rarity.

Britney herself has been vocal about her struggles and feelings of betrayal by her family. In a poignant Instagram post, she declared, "My family hurt me!!! There has been no justice and probably never will be!!! The people who sat and did absolutely nothing when they did that for four months are smooth sailing!!!"

The controversy surrounding her previous conservatorship also includes allegations that Britney's room was bugged, which insiders have adamantly denied. Multiple sources clarified that while there was judicial approval to monitor her communication devices to intercept drug suppliers, there was never any authorization for bedroom surveillance.

The unfolding situation paints a complex picture of a woman adored by millions but grappling with personal demons and external pressures. Britney Spears stands at a crossroads, with her future hanging in the balance as those who care for her rally to decide the best course of action.

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