Zach Bryan Left With 'Huge Gash' After His Car Flipped Multiple Times in Scary Accident

Zach Bryan and his girlfriend, Brianna LaPaglia, recently experienced a terrifying off-road vehicle crash, leaving both of them bloodied and bruised.

AceShowbiz - Country singer Zach Bryan and his girlfriend, podcast host Brianna LaPaglia, narrowly escaped a life-threatening situation when their side-by-side off-road vehicle flipped over multiple times.

"Two nights ago, Zach and I got into a traumatizing side-by-side crash," LaPaglia shared in a video on TikTok on Tuesday (May 14). "It flipped a bunch of times, everything shattered and thank god we had our seatbelts on." The accident left Bryan with a "huge gash" needing stitches, while LaPaglia suffered multiple bruises and scratches.

Despite initially fearing the worst, the couple expressed gratitude for their survival. "There was a lot of blood and we thought - we were saying goodbye to each other," LaPaglia recalled. Paramedics soon arrived to care for the pair, stitching up Bryan's substantial wound and providing necessary attention to LaPaglia's injuries, which included pulling glass from her cheek. "It was a huge gash, but we are OK. We are happy and alive," she noted.

However, the problems didn't end there. A few hours after the accident, LaPaglia's cat, Mango, darted into the woods, causing further chaos. In his attempt to retrieve Mango, Bryan reopened his stitches. "Zach tries to jump on her, all of his stitches burst again, he's bleeding everywhere… so much blood," LaPaglia said, assuring fans that Mango was eventually found.

Despite these setbacks, Bryan managed to continue his tour, performing on May 13 and 14 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Videos from one of the concerts showed the singer with a bandage on his right arm, but his energy remained undimmed. On social media, he expressed gratitude to fans and shared introspective thoughts, signaling his unwavering spirit. "Keep your head down it goes on forever," Bryan posted, maintaining his characteristic positivity.

LaPaglia reflected on the harrowing experience, describing herself as emotionally exhausted yet appreciative of the support from followers. She reiterated their relief and recovery, "We were OK. We are happy and alive."

Bryan's commitment to his career and LaPaglia's unwavering support highlight their strength as a couple. As Bryan's Quittin Time tour continues across North America, fans eagerly await his homecoming shows in Oklahoma, where he plans to end the tour on a high note.

The couple's journey through this ordeal serves as a testament to their resilience and dedication to each other and their passions. "This lady holds the weight up of everyone around her day in and day out," Bryan wrote of LaPaglia, expressing his deep gratitude for her support during these challenging times.

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