Shakira's Lawyer Celebrates End of 'Smear Campaign' as Tax Fraud Investigation Is Dropped

In a significant legal victory, the Colombian singer sees the end of her tax fraud allegations in Spain, as court and prosecutors find 'a lack of evidence.'

AceShowbiz - The investigation by Spanish authorities into an alleged tax fraud by Shakira has been dropped due to a lack of evidence. On Wednesday, May 8, prosecutors requested that the criminal case against the singer be closed, and the court agreed the following day.

The case stemmed from allegations that Shakira used an offshore company to avoid paying €6.6 million ($7.2 million) in taxes in 2018. However, a month after the charges were filed, Shakira settled the debt.

The court's ruling comes six months after Shakira settled a similar tax fraud case with the Spanish government in November 2023. That case, which centered on taxes owed between 2012 and 2014, was settled on the first day of her trial.

Shakira had maintained her innocence throughout both investigations, claiming she had met all her tax obligations. Her defense lawyers welcomed the court's decision, stating that it had "put an end to the smear campaign waged by the tax authorities."

Despite the conclusion of the criminal investigation, Shakira still has one outstanding administrative case related to her income in 2011. However, her legal team contends that she spent less than half the minimum amount of time in Spain during that year to be considered a tax resident.

The Spanish authorities have intensified their crackdown on tax evasion in recent years, with several high-profile celebrities, including footballers Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, facing charges. Both players were ultimately found guilty but received suspended sentences due to being first-time offenders.

Shakira, who now resides in Miami with her two sons, had previously been identified in the "Paradise Papers", which revealed offshore tax arrangements of prominent individuals, including Madonna and Bono.

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