Emma Stone Insists She Didn't Call Jimmy Kimmel a 'Prick' at 2024 Oscars
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The 'Poor Things' actress has cleared the air on the speculation that she was fuming at the Oscar host for making fun of her movie during this year's ceremony.

AceShowbiz - In the whirlwind of the 2024 Awards Season, Emma Stone found herself at the center of a speculative storm following the Oscars. Reports flew that Stone had called host Jimmy Kimmel a "prick" in response to his jest about her film "Poor Things". However, the acclaimed actress swiftly set the record straight in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, surrounded by the support of co-stars and amid further accolades for her work.

Stone, capturing audiences with her versatile roles from comedy to drama, emphasized her appreciation for humor, firmly denying any offense taken at Kimmel's comment. "No! I didn't call him a prick... I wasn't upset with him at all," she stated. This clarification comes amidst a growing fascination with lip-reading celebrities at Awards Shows, a trend that has seen its fair share of misconceptions.

Her clarification did not stand alone. Nathan Fielder, Stone's co-star in "The Curse", backed her stance, highlighting her open attitude towards jokes. He insisted the actress is "always down for a joke."

The Oscars night was significant for Stone beyond the controversial moment. "Poor Things" not only led her to win Best Actress but also saw the film receiving multiple accolades at other events including Golden Globe Awards. The victory was a milestone in Stone's already illustrious career, punctuated by a rare public display of affection with her husband, Dave McCary, as they celebrated the win.

Meanwhile, Kimmel's humor, while pointed, was not singular in targeting attendees, with Robert Downey Jr. also on the receiving end of playful jibes. Downey's response, expressing admiration for Kimmel, underlines the event's nature - a blend of performance, celebration, and, inevitably, a slice of controversy.

The incident and subsequent clarifications not only shed light on the misunderstood moment but also encapsulate the dynamics of modern Award Shows, where every gesture is scrutinized, often leading to misconceptions. Stone's open-hearted response and continued success offer a narrative of grace and humour in the face of the Award Season's high stakes and high spirits.

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