Kanye Reveals Drake's 'Rich Baby Daddy', Accuses Him of 'Signing His Soul to the Devil'
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In the world of hip-hop, beef among artists isn't something new, but Kanye's latest move in the ongoing saga involving Drake, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar has sparked widespread conversation.

AceShowbiz - In an industry where competition often breeds creativity, Kanye West, also known as Ye, has once again found himself at the center of controversy. This time, the spotlight shines on his involvement in the "Like That" remix, a track that has quickly ignited discussions and divided opinions among fans and fellow artists alike.

During a revealing interview on Justin LaBoy's podcast, "The Download", Kanye didn't hold back, sharing insights that unravel the complexities of his relationships with some of the rap game's biggest names.

The remix premiered on LaBoy's show after some anticipation fueled by social media previews, showcasing Ye's bold verses taking shots at Drake and J. Cole. This move came as a surprise to many, considering Kanye and Drake's publicly displayed reconciliation at the Larry Hoover benefit concert in 2021.

When questioned about their relationship, Kanye cryptically responded, hinting at a deeper rift between them, suggesting an almost biblical battle of loyalties. "It's like he [Drake] signed his soul to the devil to not be cool with me...This is his job, to go against God, and that cuts his soul," Kanye explained.

Kanye explained how the remix came about, claiming Future approached him about doing the verse and that the rap community is "energized" by the shots at Drake. "Everybody is very, very excited about the elimination of Drake," he mentioned, indicating a broader alliance against the Canadian artist.

Furthermore, Ye's remarks about Lucian Grainge, the head of UMG, and his alleged financial backing of Drake added another layer to the complicated dynamics at play, suggesting a power struggle within the industry.

He believes the studio honcho is Drake's "Rich Baby Daddy." In his verse on the remix, Kanye raps, "You caught a little bag for your masters, didn't ya/ Lifetime deal, I feel bad for n***as/ Y'all so outta sight, outta mind/ I can't even think of a Drake line."

Meanwhile, Drake has not remained silent, releasing tracks presumably targeting Kendrick Lamar, who rapped the diss verses in "Like That". J. Cole launched his own response as well although he later backtracked, prompting ridicules.

As Kanye West continues to make waves with his provocative comments and actions, the rap community watches closely. Whether this will lead to further collaborations or deepen existing rivalries remains to be seen.

Nonetheless, Kanye's influence in stirring discussions and potentially reshaping alliances within hip-hop is undeniable. With each new development, fans eagerly await the next chapter in what has become an epic saga of lyrical duels and personal vendettas.

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