Amanda Bynes Praised by Fans After Shocking Hair Makeover

The former 'What I Like About You' star, who had a dramatic hair transformation, receives supportive messages from social media users after debuting her new haircut.

AceShowbiz - Amanda Bynes has debuted her new hairstyle. Following a dramatic hair transformation, the actress portraying Holly Tyler on "What I Like About You" offered social media users a look at the result of her shocking hair makeover.

On Sunday, April 21, the 38-year-old former Nickelodeon star flaunted her fresh hairdo. Making use of Instagram Stories, she uploaded a video highlighting the new haircut. In the short clip, it could be seen that she looked happy with the result.

Amanda has traded her long tresses for a blonde buzz cut. She had the hair on both sides of her head shorter than the top of it. In addition, she put on what appeared to be black hair clips on the short hair. In contrast, she seemingly has dyed her eyebrows black and increased their volume to make them look thicker.

In the video, Amanda did not say anything as she posed in front of the camera. She also showed a stern facial expression without a smile on her face. She was sporting a short-sleeved white shirt, which came with blue flower patterns all over it and a V-neck design. In addition, she accessorized herself with a gold necklace.

The footage was later shared by a blog via Instagram, prompting social media users to voice their opinions on Amanda's new look. In the comments section of the post, one in particular encouraged others to say nice things about the actress, "Please don't be mean to her she struggles with mental health," adding a folded hands emoji.

Another wrote, "After watching that documentary about Nickelodeon kid actors being abused...all I want to do is hug these kids! Pray for her y'all don't judge her!" A third penned, "I just feel like one day things will get better and she will pop out with blonde tresses, healed, natural eyebrows and back to her self. It literally takes a day. Praying for her." A fourth added, "I'm praying for her mental health. Hollywood really fkd up sum talented people."

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