Kai Cenat Laments Being a Victim of 'Revenge Porn' After Adult Platform Model Exposes Him
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The streamer sets the record straight after an OnlyFans model, who goes by Layla Red, shares a picture of her and the Internet personality in bed over alleged hush money for sex.

AceShowbiz - Kai Cenat has hit back at an OnlyFans model for exposing him. The streamer called himself a victim of "revenge porn" after Layla Red shared a picture of the two in bed over alleged hush money for sex.

Layla said she only spoke up because Cenat owed her $5,000 in "hush money" for an alleged sexual encounter in addition to another five grand that he apparently already paid her. "If I would've just got my money, I would've shut up," she said in an undated video circulating online.

Denying Layla's accusations, Cenat claimed he only paid for a $50 Uber ride through his Apple Pay transactions and not the $5,000 she claimed to receive. He also mentioned that Layla, whose real name is Kierra Rush, signed a non-disclosure agreement and that she was opening herself to legal issues for speaking out on their interactions.

"There is some dumb s**t, clout chasing weird a** s**t going on right now, bro," Cenat argued. "But it's alright though, it's alright chat. I'll see you in court.

"[The NDA] protects me from everything that we've ever talked about. It's cool though 'cause you let s**t out, right?" said the Internet personality during a Sunday, April 14 livestream. "Not only did you sign an NDA but you also-while I was sleeping butt-a** naked decided to just post me online. Now what do you call that, ladies and gentlemen? Revenge porn."

"I've made it my duty to never, ever be lied on again in my career. Do you hear me?" Cenat continued. "I may be f**king dumb when I'm on the streaming s**t, but I'm not a dumb n***a for real. You must've not remembered, as you were talking to me in our last encounter … I don't know if you know this, but you were recorded."

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