Eva Marcille Claims Michael Sterling Divorce Leads to Her Drastic Weight Loss

The former 'America's Next Top Model' winner says she's healing after her divorce, but she's still 'hurt' by people's negative comments about her look.

AceShowbiz - Eva Marcille has finally addressed fans' concerns about her slimmer look. When appearing on "Tamron Hall", the former star of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" revealed that she drastically lost weight due to her divorce from Michael Sterling.

"I thought I looked cute," the 39-year-old said in the Tuesday, April 9 episode of the show. "I went through a divorce last year. Anyone that's ever been through a divorce knows that divorce is hard. It's like the stomach flu-you will be skinny afterward. You're gonna drop at least 30 pounds."

Eva, who shares sons Michael Jr., 5, and Maverick, 3, with Michael, went on to note, "I lost weight just naturally going through life." She added, "I found myself depressed before my divorce, through my divorce, and trying to navigate and rediscover: Who am I?"

"The negative feelings, the things that are not good, where do you put them? You try to bury them down," she elaborated. "I'm not the wife anymore. I'm not someone's someone. I'm someone's mom, but if I took the mom away, if I took Top Model away, like, who is Eva? Who am I? And making sure I prioritize that character and building that character."

The former "America's Next Top Model" winner, who is also a mom to 10-year-old daughter Marley Rae shared with ex Kevin McCall, divulged that she's healing after her divorce. However, she's still annoyed by people's negative comments about her look. "Though I will be positive, I will find my cup half full, always," she said, "it still hurts."

Eva sparked concerns with her slimmer look back in August 2023. At that time, she uploaded a series of photos wherein she appeared to have shown a thinner physique.

It prompted some users to assume that she used "Ozempic" to slim down. All the while, others suggested that she "looked sick" and "not well." Moreover, one in particular stated that her face appeared "gaunt and hollow."

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