SZA Called Out by Moniece Slaughter During Discussion About 'Lazy' Vocalists

In a new podcast interview, the 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' star reveals her reaction after watching footage documenting the 'Nobody Gets Me' songstress perform onstage.

AceShowbiz - Moniece Slaughter has called out SZA in a discussion about "lazy" vocalists. When making an appearance on Shirley Ju's podcast "Shirley's Temple", the "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star recalled her reaction after watching a clip of the "Nobody Gets Me" songstress' performance.

Speaking to the host in the Friday, April 5 episode of the podcast, the reality TV star said, "I saw a clip of SZA on the internet and I was just like shocked. Because people were in the comments like, 'I saw her live and she didn't sound good at all.' "

Moniece went on to say, "They drug me through the mud at the beginning of her career for saying she's not a vocalist. She talked about her social anxiety." She suggested, "Just say, 'I prefer to be in the studio.' Your team and your label should know that."

The former girlfriend of Shaquille O'Neal further pointed out, "Everyone's a lazy f**king vocalist. I'm sorry." She then explained, "It's the consumer's fault. They don't know that [they have to actually rap on stage] because of the consumer, if the consumer is eating up everything."

Moniece elaborated, "What happens is the consumer is eating that up so there is a huge demand. So that supply must be met. And so these popcorn artists that just pop up on TikTok they fill that supply." She continued, "And so the masses don't know that they like something else until somebody is bold enough and come along and says here's that something else."

Moniece Slaughter Tweet

Moniece Slaughter got things off her chest about lazy vocalists on X.

This was not the first time Moniece got things off her chest about "lazy" vocalists. Previously, she made use of X, formerly known as Twitter, to voice her thoughts on the matter. In a tweet published in February, she wrote, "To the 'vocalists,' who have to lip sync & use live plug ins such as autotune, because your claim to fame was lazy vocals, that were coined by the public, as a, 'vibe...' you can't sing. That is all!"

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