Dolly Parton Hits Back at Critics Following Her Collaboration With Beyonce Knowles

After getting mixed reactions to her cameo in Beyonce's country-influenced album, the '9 to 5' hitmaker posts a cryptic message seemingly aimed at her critics.

AceShowbiz - Dolly Parton has seemingly defended her collaboration with Beyonce Knowles amid criticism for the RnB star's country-influenced album, "Cowboy Carter". Parton, 78, shared a cryptic message online, hinting that she has no patience for those criticizing Beyonce's music.

In an Instagram post, Parton shared a clip from her 1982 film "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas", featuring a song that includes lyrics such as, "Don't gripe and whine behind my back / Just tell me face to face." Parton captioned the post with the words, "The door is that way [hand to the left emoji]."

Fans interpreted this as a veiled message to critics of Beyonce, who have argued that she has no place in country music after primarily working in pop and R&B. While the album has received praise from some critics and fans, others have accused Beyonce of merely "dabbling" in a genre she has no understanding of.

Parton, however, has come to Beyonce's defense, stating that she is a "big fan" and believes Beyonce has the right to make any type of music she wants. In February, Parton congratulated Beyonce on her chart-topping single "Texas Hold 'Em," and expressed her excitement to hear the full album.

Following the release of "Cowboy Carter", Parton took to Instagram again to express her approval of Beyonce's cover of her iconic song "Jolene." Parton wrote, "Wow, I just heard 'Jolene.' Beyonce is giving that girl some trouble and she deserves it! Love, Dolly P."

Beyonce's version of the song adds a modern twist to the classic tune while still retaining the essence of Parton's original. Parton was featured on the cover as she kicked it off with spoken words.

She made reference to "Becky" in Bey's "Lemonade" album, "Hey miss Honey B, it's Dolly P. You know that hussy with the good hair you sang about? Reminding me of someone I knew back when, except she has flaming locks of auburn hair, bless her heart. Just a hair of a different color but it hurts just the same."

Despite the criticism, Beyonce has made history by becoming the first Black female recording artist to top the Hot Country Songs rankings with "Texas Hold 'Em." Parton believes that her success in country music is a testament to her ability to connect with audiences across genres.

"I think we belong wherever we can do good, and her song is number one across every chart in the whole world," Parton said. "So, I mean, who can argue with that?"

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