Al B. Sure! Once Again Insinuates Diddy Played a Role in His Two-Month Coma
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The 55-year-old singer previously suggested that the hip-hop mogul was probably behind his severe health issue in 2022 by sharing a cryptic post on Instagram Story.

AceShowbiz - Al B. Sure! continued to throw shade at Sean "P. Diddy" Combs' amid the latter's legal issues. When attending the Equal Justice Now Awards in Los Angeles, the R&B singer insinuated that the rapper played a role in his 2022 coma.

"We're going to be producing the Al B. Sure! life story," the 55-year-old told the crowd, as seen in a video shared by TMZ. "So hold on to your britches, and you'll really understand how I ended up in a coma. You're really gonna need to call Homeland Security."

"The entire situation is unfortunate. I don't speak about another man's business," the Grammy nominee, whose son Quincy Brown has been raised as Diddy's own child, added. "All I know is that I'm working on the life story. And the way I got to be in a coma, stay tuned."

Prior to this, Al B. Sure! suggested the same thing in a cryptic post shared on Instagram Story. "1+1=[a finger pointing emoji]," Kim Porter's ex wrote in the Monday, March 25 post, which featured audio of his conversation with a doctor who took care of him and described his condition at the time. "Is the Math finally Mathing?"

"You were so sick at the time when we met. You had something called acute-on-chronic liver failure, where your liver got so sick so quickly that most people with that severity of disease will die of their disease within 28 days," the doctor explained in the audio clip. "Over around 90% of the people will perish."

The doctor claimed, "And so the fact that you were able to get through that is a miracle in and of itself. And to be so incredibly sick and then have to undergo such a massive operation with the liver transplant, it's also a testament to your, you know, spiritual, psychological, as well as physical reserves that you have." She then noted that "most people do not survive this."

"You were as sick as a patient can be," the doctor went on, before Al B. Sure chimed in, "For 38 days I believe," adding that he was septic and had fever. The doctor confirmed he had "multi-system organ failure. Your lungs were so sick at one time. We, even with the ventilator, we couldn't even push enough oxygen into your lungs for you to breathe adequately. You were struggling to keep oxygen, enough oxygen going to your organs in your brain, even on the ventilator."

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