'The Voice' Recap: Dan + Shay Use Their Playoff Pass on 'Battle Rounds' Night 3
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In a new episode of the singing competition show, more singers hit the stage in pairs in hopes of being sent to the next round or getting a Playoff Pass, which secures them spots in the Lives.

AceShowbiz - "The Voice" season 25 aired the night 3 of "Battle Rounds" on Monday, March 25. During this round, each coach paired two of their team members and could only pick one as the winner. They, however, were given one Playoff Pass to save and send the other singer directly to Lives.

Kicking off the night was Team Reba McEntire's Donny Van Slee and Josh Sanders who performed "When It Rains It Pours". Chance The Rapper praised Josh for his "crazy runs," while Dan from Dan + Shay said that both of them "shine better individually." As for John Legend, he noticed that Donny seemed to enjoy the performance. Reba eventually picked Josh as the winner.

The next pair were Ronnie Wilson and Gene Taylor from Team John. They opted to sing "When I Was Your Man" for their battle. Reba loved Gene's "warm and wonderful tones" and Ronnie's high notes. Chance and Dan also praised Gene for his "perfect vibrato," but the latter pointed out how Ronnie brought it "neck and neck" with the high notes. Eventually, John decided to keep Gene on his team.

Dan + Shay then put Madison Curbelo against Kyle Schuesler as they sang the bilingual song "Lucky/Suerte". John dubbed the performance "beautiful" and called Madison "brilliant." Reba said that they did a "great job," but she leaned to Kyle more. Chance, meanwhile, didn't think either of them should leave the competition. Dan + Shay named Kyle as the winner. They waited for John to steal Madison before eventually using their Playoff Pass on Madison.

Performing next were Team Chance's Bri Fletcher and Serenity Arce. They hit the stage to sing "Someone You Loved". Shay thought Serenity had an "unbelievable tone," adding that her performance was "so emotional and raw." For Bri, he pointed out that she was "trying to be perfect." John, meanwhile, found the performance "very moving." Reba said Serenity "channeled" emotion into a "great performance" and praised Bri for her "powerful" range. Chance picked Serenity as the winner.

Dani Stacy and Corey Curtis, also from Team Chance, followed it up with a performance of "Best Part". Dani came out as the winner after impressing the coach with her transition into contemporary R&B and her control over the song. Later, Team Dan + Shay's Ducote Talmage and Ryan Coleman battled it out in a performance of "Rock and a Hard Place". John said he loved Ducote's "scratchy mid-range" of his voice. Dan called Ducote a "star on stage" even though he noticed Ducote's nervousness. Chance eventually announced Ducote as the winner.

For the final Battle of the night, John then sent Olivia Rubini and Jackie Romeo from his team to have a duet of "Edge of Seventeen". Reba passed on picking a winner between the two even though she praised Jackie's stage presence. Chance loved Jackie's "fuller" voice, while John complimented Olivia's "stylized approach". John chose Jackie as the winner, while Dan + Shay decided to steal Olivia.

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