Leonardo DiCaprio Warns Timothee Chalamet Against Starring in Superhero Movie
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The 'Titanic' actor told his 'Don't Look Up' co-star to steer clear of comic book movies, but the 'Dune' star is open to playing superhero if he finds the script and director to his liking.

AceShowbiz - Timothee Chalamet would only star a superhero movie if he approved of the script and the director. The 28-year-old star has divulged the sage advice his "Don't Look Up" co-star Leonardo DiCaprio gave him, including not to sign up for a DC or Marvel movie.

"Well, Leonardo DiCaprio said to me, 'No superhero movies, no hard drugs.' Which I thought was very good. I follow them both!" he told The New York Times.

Turns out, Christopher Nolan's 2008 DC Batman blockbuster "The Dark Knight" inspired him to become an actor in the first place. However, he added, "The movie that made me want to act is a superhero movie, 'The Dark Knight'. If the script was great, if the director was great, I'd have to consider it."

The "Dune: Part Two" star came close to a superhero role when he auditioned for the leading role in "Spider-Man: Homecoming".

Chalamet read for the role of Peter Parker and his crime fighting alter-ego - which eventually went to Tom Holland - twice during the audition process for the 2017 movie, and said his agent had to stop him from turning up at the Marvel offices to audition a third time.

The "Wonka" star said back in 2018, "I read twice and I left sweating in a total panic. I called my agent, [UTA's] Brian Swardstrom, and I said, 'Brian, I thought about this a lot and I have to go back and knock on that door and read again,' and he told me the story of Sean Young and how in an attempt to become Catwoman had scared everyone away when she showed up at the studio gates in costume."

Despite missing out on the chance to play Spider-Man, Chalamet still made an impact with his starring role in "Call Me by Your Name" and joked that his favourite part of 2017 was being able to take a break from the nerve-racking audition process.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the star said whilst collecting the Best Actor award at the 2018 Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards, "Honestly, my favourite part of this last year - besides getting to act in other films and getting to talk about 'Call Me by Your Name' - is not to have to audition constantly."

"I try to learn with the folks that I work with and I did a reading with William H. Macy once, who said to me that the best thing that happened in his life besides having a wife and kids is not having to constantly audition."

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