Rob Schneider Glad His Life Has Finally 'Come Together' After Converting to Catholicism

The former 'Saturday Night Live' comedian is concerned about 'evil in the world' and feels grateful to have embraced Catholicism since Covid-19 pandemic.

AceShowbiz - Rob Schneider thinks his life has finally "come together" since turning 60 and converting to Catholicism. The former "Saturday Night Live" comic - who is married to Mexican actress Patricia, who is at least 21 years his junior - decided to dedicate himself to God amid the COVID-19 pandemic, because of all the "evil" in the world, and he's never felt better in his life.

"I felt like there was evil in the world, and I couldn't explain it any other way. I saw this terrific priest, and that was a real eye-opener. Also, my wife is Catholic, so I felt a real connection to it and to God. Now that I'm 60, I feel that things have come together for me," he told Closer US magazine.

Elsewhere, the stand-up recalled how "ridiculous" it was filming the 2004 rom-com "50 First Dates" alongside Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, and how he had to spend two hours in makeup.

Sharing his favourite movies he's been in, he said, "50 First Dates was pretty ridiculous, but it was two hours a day of makeup. Doing Deuce Bigelow was also fun."

Schneider played a middle-aged criminal who accidentally switches bodies with Jessica Spencer in the 2002 fantasy flick "The Hot Chick", and he doubts a movie like that would get made again.

He explained, "The Hot Chick was really special. They would never make a movie like that again. I don't think they care about making movies that are a little bit more for young adults and teenagers. I think that it would be considered a little bit too risque. But it was very funny and women friendly."

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