Leonardo DiCaprio's GF Vittoria Ceretti Reveals Her 'Freaky' Obsession
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The 25-year-old model who is romantically linked to the 'Killers of the Flower Moon' actor has a 'weird' fixation with dentist, wishing she could watch when people get their teeth checked.

AceShowbiz - Vittoria Ceretti reveals her "obsession" with the dentist. The 25-year-old model likes getting her teeth checked and would love to enter the profession, though she acknowledged her interest is "freaky" and "weird."

"I don't think I've ever told anyone this in an interview, but I have this obsession. [I want to be a dentist] which is completely, fully random, but for some reason it's something that fascinates me so much. I love going to the dentist," she told America's ELLE magazine.

"It's freaky. It's weird, but I love it. It's not like I enjoy going to the dentist, like, 'Oh my God, I'm going to sit in the chair for three hours!' But I'm so fascinated to hear what's going on. I wish I could watch it when other people go to the dentist."

Vittoria - who is dating Leonardo DiCaprio - got her big break when she entered the Elite Model Look competition as a joke when she was just 14years old, and she was amazed to win. She said, "I didn't even know what modelling was like; I had no clue. It's not something that I was fascinated by or interested in. It was not my dream."

"[At the contest] there were all these tall, gorgeous girls, and my mom and I were in line. We were like, 'Maybe we should just leave, because this is never going to work.' Then my [now] agent [Elena Mansueto, of Elite] ended up walking up to us to make sure that we weren't going to leave."

The catwalk beauty thinks her lack of fashion ambition has only made her career even more "special." She said, "It's funny because it's been an adventure ever since, and an amazing adventure. I can't believe I took it as a joke, but I think that's also what made it so special, that I never took it seriously at first."

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