Monica Reacts to Plastic Surgery Speculation After Viral Video

During a livestream, the 'Angel of Mine' songstress warns social media users against commenting on other people's appearance as she addresses the speculation.

AceShowbiz - Monica has given her reaction to a speculation suggesting that she underwent plastic surgery. The "Angel of Mine" singer was rumored to have undergone BBL after a video highlighting her figure went viral on social media.

The 43-year-old Grammy-winning songstress opened up about the speculation during an Instagram Live. In a video from the livestream that circulated online on Tuesday, February 20, she could be heard saying, "Let me tell you something, my health is far too bad to be playing like that. And then why I ain't get this part? Why they leave it?" while touching her stomach.

Monica went on to state, "Like I don't understand. Let me tell y'all something. For me, a BBL with me bought by Linda because that's all I got. Let me show y'all what I got. Watch it," before showing off a pair of pants with built-in butt pads on them. She continued, "Mama don't play. I won't even get lash extensions. I still wear stripes. I can rip off and roll on. Like damn. I don't keep it real with y'all so long. y'all forgot? What in the world? And the audacity."

The R&B star explained, "And listen, no shame in what I do. If I do something, I'll be the first to tell you. I mean, look at my love life. It was in shambles that I told y'all. That's why I thank God for where I am now. But yeah, I don't play like that. No judgment to other people that have them because everybody has their reasons. It's just not my thing but people going to say what they wanna say."

Monica further revealed, "I'm bigger all over. That too is also due to a heavy steroid intake after the surgery that was mandatory and part of me getting well," seemingly referring to her sinus surgery in 2023. She additionally stressed, "So you know when you are talking about people you gotta really grant some grace. You don't know what people are going through. You don't know what's really happening."

The revelation came after one TikTok user uploaded a video from Monica's concert. In the clip, it could be seen that her derriere appeared thicker as she donned a skin-tight green bodysuit. The footage featured a note that read, "Wow, Monica got a BBL. Somebody said in the comments the BBL took her voice. She definitely went to tiny doctor. but I still love her. This is my girl, but she should've sang this song better."

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