Jaden Smith's Girlfriend Sparks Chatter Over Ethereal Look in Their New Selfie
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Many liken the 'After Earth' star's girlfriend Sab Zada to a mermaid and an anime character as she shows off her stunning look in a picture with the 25-year-old actor/singer.

AceShowbiz - It's Jaden Smith and his girlfriend's turn to steal the spotlight. When talks about his parents' non-traditional relationship have died down, the young star and his girlfriend Sab Zada have become the talk of the town due to their recent selfie.

The pair recently posed together for a new picture which was shared on social media. Showing their togetherness, the twosome took the photo in front of a mirror in the bathroom with Sab putting her hand on his shoulder.

Sab particularly caught people's attention with her jaw-dropping look in the image. In the photo, she showed off her curves in a metallic bikini top with an orange saroong tied around her hip. She looked ethereal with her long blonde hair and flawless complexion in the snap.

After seeing the picture, many likened Sad to a mermaid and an anime character. "She looks like a mermaid I can't explain it, is this a real person?" one person wondered. Another gushed, "She looks like a mermaid! If that makes senseā€¦ very pretty girl."

A third person marveled, "She looks like an anime character. They look cute." A fourth person raved, "Pretty asf she gives me mermaid vibes." Another commented, "If she was trying to look like a mermaid she nailed it. They are beautiful together."

"Not the Queen of the Iron Throne, Breaker of Chains, Mother of Dragons....lol," someone quipped, while another added, "She looks AI generated."

Some others, meanwhile, couldn't help poking fun at Jaden's expression in the photo. "He always looks like he's pondering the complexities of existence," one person wrote. Another jokingly speculated what "The Karate Kid" star was thinking in the picture, "Why are we here, what are the inner machinations of the universe, when I finally shed this corporeal form I will flow through the heavens like stardust, I will become the very atoms that make up the palm of my dad's slapping hand."

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