'The Bachelor' Recap: Joey Grazidei 'Crushed' After Woman Voluntarily Goes Home

In a new episode of the ABC dating competition show, Joey and the remaining 10 women continue their love journey in Montreal, Canada as only six women move on to the next round.

AceShowbiz - Now that there are 10 women left, things are getting harder for Joey Grazidei. In a new episode of "The Bachelor" which aired on Monday, February 19, Joey got emotional when he talked about how other people expected him to be perfect.

"I've always been my biggest critic and I'm afraid of someone not accepting me for me," Joey said through tears. He additionally shared that he's "scared to death" that some women would go home if he revealed how he really felt about them.

Later, it was revealed that Kelsey T. and Maria were given one-on-one date cards. Before that, Joey enjoyed exploring Montreal with the rest of the ladies in a group date. During the date, Joey opened up with them as he told them that he's concerned about the idea of the contestants not reciprocateing feelings for him. "We are at that point where we need to dig deeper," Joey said.

At one point, Joey and Kelsey A. were having a private moment. Kelsey A. told him that she felt she was left behind, but Joey told her that he felt so much warmth around her. That prompted Kelsey A. to admit to Joey that she's falling in love with him.

Later, Lexi and Joey discussed the timeline of their relationship would be. Joey shared that he was thinking of a two or three-year engagement after the show. He also noted that after getting married, he would want to wait a few years before having kids. Lexi, however, was hoping to start a family soon. Meanwhile, Jenn told Joey that she's falling in love with him, but Joey claimed that he didn't feel ready to say it back to her though he felt getting closer to Jenn.

Jess also confessed to Joey, but he told her that it wasn't the case for him. He said it would be wrong for him to keep her on the show when he knew his feelings, so he sent her home. When Joey broke the news to the other ladies, they were visibly stunned. Jess, meanwhile, cried in the car because she didn't even get to bid farewell to other women. As for the group date rose, it went to Jenn.

Following it up, Joey and Kelsey T. headed to Cirque du Soleil for their date where she met an aerial specialist who shared that bond and trust were the keys of their performance. Later, Kelsey T. opened up about her relationship with her dad to Joey as he didn't support her going to college. "So it's affected my trust in men," Kelsey shared.

After opening up to each other, Joey gave her a rose. "It feels great," Kelsey said, "Joey makes me feel like I can really trust him." They concluded their date with a kiss.

As for his one-on-one date with Maria, Joey took Maria on a shopping spree date. Maria looked stunning in a green, sparkly gown. During their romantic date, Maria revealed to Joey that she's in love with him. "I feel so happy when I'm with you," she shared. "It's my truth - you make me happy, you truly do." Joey later presented Maria with a rose.

On the other hand, Lexi was really bothered with Joey's timeline of his planned future. She eventually decided to go to his room and tell him that she's eager to start a family because of her endometriosis. "I think it'd be unfair to keep me here when I'm just on a different timeline," she said.

Joey then bid farewell with Lexi after a tearful goodbye. Joey shared that Lexi's departure made him feel "crushed" because following their date in Malta, he could see her as his wife.

During the cocktail party, Jenn took Joey to a room before she played a piano for him. Later during the Rose Ceremony, Joey gave the first rose to Daisy. Kelsey A. also got a rose, meaning that there's only one rose left.

The final rose went to Rachel. Unfortunately, Lee and Katelyn were sent home. Next week, Joey and the ladies are heading to Jasper, Canada.

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