Kris Jenner Accused of Going Against Alabama Barker Joining 'Family Brand'

Fans are convinced that the famous clan's momager and reality TV star doesn't want to include Kourtney Kardashian's step-daughter in her Kardashian-Jenner brand.

AceShowbiz - Kris Jenner may not be wanting to let Alabama Barker join the Kardashian-Jenner brand. Fans were convinced that the famous clan's momager doesn't want to include Kourtney Kardashian's step-daughter in her family brand.

The speculations emerged after a Kardashian fan shared on Reddit a comment underneath the young star's recent Instagram post and suggested that the daughter of Travis Barker "doesn't match" the famous family's "vibe." The poster wrote, "Stop blaming the Kardashians and notice how they haven't taken her in/Kris isn't helping her launch a career (or at least not to public knowledge)."

"She would damage their brand with the mismatched foundation and 'fashion.' It's not giving nepo baby, it's giving trailer trash won the lottery," the person added. "I'm not a hater, it's not her fault she doesn't know better, but I wish she would listen and get help."

The user continued, "It's so sad to see. Later in life when she looks back, she's going to be messed up. You can't say 'Shut up she's happy' but she very clearly isn't!"

Upon catching wind of the post, some people shared their two cents, agreeing with the original poster. "I agree Kris doesn't want her included as part of their 'brand,' it's just ironic because the KarJenner brand is 'white trash,' the fact they think they're better or bring something different to the table than Alabama is hilarious," one critic said. A second user added, "It actually is their vibe. They're trashy."

"I think the Kardashian's think they're above it and look down on Alabama, self awareness is 0," a third wrote. Someone else noted, "It's obvious she tries to be King Kylie, the trashy looks, hazardous business ventures in the beauty industry, stealing of fashion and/or aesthetic (majorly from black women)." It was also noted that Kris and Alabama don't follow each other on Instagram.

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