'The Bachelor' Recap: Joey's Two-on-One Date With Sydney and Maria Brings More Drama

Airing on Monday, February 12, a new episode of the ABC series shows the leading man bringing the remaining 15 women to explore Malta for their first international journey.

AceShowbiz - In the new episode of "The Bachelor" season 28, Joey Grazidei brought the remaining 15 women to Malta. Airing on Monday, February 12, the episode saw the leading man exploring Malta with Lexi Young for the first one-on-one date during their international journey.

During a confessional, Joey admitted that there's an "honest connection and chemistry" between him and Lexi. "When I'm with Lexi, I feel very safe," Joey said, "I feel very seen." The two then headed to Senglea where they enjoyed their date.

During their date, Lexi opened up to Joey about her stage 5 Endometriosis. She told Joey that according to the doctor, she might not be able to have kids and that was the reason why she broke up with her ex-boyfriend.

Joey said in a confessional that he's never had to have this serious conversation. He eventually gave Lexi a rose and Lexi was over the moon. "I'm falling for Joey," Lexi said. "And I'm so excited. I really am."

Joey later had a group date with the rest of the women, except feuding cast members Maria and Sydney as they had been set for a two-on-one date later. For the group date, the women had a staring contest with Joey. They also had to catch sausages in their mouth as they spun on the sausage wheel.

Allison admitted that she cheated during the game, while Jess said, "I never want to see another sausage again in my life, ever." Autumn came out as the winner after she went "above and beyond" during the game. They spent some time together where Autumn told Joey that she couldn't imagine being there with anyone else.

Joey also talked privately with Daisy. They seemingly had already pictured a future together as they already discussed baby names. "Daisy makes me feel special," Joey said. "I was picturing it with Daisy." Despite that, Joey decided to give the group rose date to Kelsey T as he shared, "There's no one more deserving of that rose tonight."

It was time for the highly-anticipated two-on-date with Sydney and Maria. Considering the drama between the two ladies, things were awkward. However, Joey was determined to get answers from them as he added, "I just don't know who is telling the truth."

The threesome went to explore the Blue Grotto on a small boat. Sydney said during a confessional that the date was a "really torture" for her and at one point, she pulled Joey aside. She told him that she had anxiety while spending time with Maria. She also said that Maria attacked her in front of everyone after the pool party.

When Joey confronted Maria over Sydney's claims, Maria denied it. "She's a liar from the jump. And I'm just over it," Maria said in a confessional about Sydney. To erase his confusion, Joey asked the women if they think there could be a potential future between them.

It was time for him to present the two-on-one date rose to one of the ladies. After consideration, he chose to give it to Maria, meaning that Sydney was eliminated. "I'm shocked, but I'm so happy," Maria shared, "This rose means everything." Meanwhile, the other women in the mansion were shocked when they found out that Sydney was sent home.

Later, Joey and Jenn had one-on-one time together. They also shared a kiss with Joey saying, "I just feel like each time we talk, the connection gets stronger."

Lea, meanwhile, was upset and "frustrated" after Sydney was eliminated. She then confronted Madina, asking her why she's being friendly towards Maria after Sydney was gone. Maria, meanwhile, cried because she felt that she "can't win" with the other women.

Lea further created drama by telling Joey that the women were shocked by Sydney's exit because of how Maria had "treated" them. On the other hand, Maria wanted to leave as she told a producer, "I'm out. They win."

Viewers will find out what happens next on Tuesday, February 13 at 8 P.M. ET on ABC.

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