'The Bachelor' Recap: Wedding-Themed Group Date, Self-Elimination

The new episode of the ABC show sees the women moving into the mansion and Joey Graziadei having his first one-on-one date as well as first group date which has a wedding reception theme.

AceShowbiz - Joey Graziadei's love journey continued in the new episode of "The Bachelor". Airing on Monday, January 29, the episode saw the women moving into the mansion and Joey having his first one-on-one date as well as first group date which had a wedding reception theme.

For the first group date, Joey invited Erika, Evalin, Jess, Maria, Lauren, Rachel, Kelsey, Taylor W. and Lexi. While the ladies dressed to the nines in white gowns, Joey looked dapper in his tuxedo.

During the group date, the women had to play musical chairs first to decide who got to sit next to him at their reception. At one point, Joey chose one person to have the first dance with and he picked Rachel. The two danced to a live performance of "When a Man Loves a Woman" by Michael Bolton and shared a kiss while dancing.

Jess, meanwhile, was upset because she felt that the other women tried to bring her down. She noticed Taylor making fun of her when she was with Joey and when she addressed the matter to the group, Taylor didn't seem to regret her behavior. Jess couldn't help but cry before Joey approached her. He didn't expect to see the softer side of Jess considering her tough appearance. Jess managed to win Joey's heart during the group date as he gave the first group date rose of the season to her.

The first one-on-one date card, meanwhile, went to Daisy. The pair headed to Redondo Beach, California for the date where they had a fun time dancing the night away at the BeachLife Ranch Festival.

The two also opened up to each other during their private dinner on a rooftop. Daisy told him about her having a cochlear implant and contracting Lyme Disease at one point. After going through months-long treatment, she's feeling better. Joey could see himself with Daisy and everything seemed to go well for the two.

Next, Joey was set to have another group date which took a disastrous turn. This time, Joey and Madina, Kelsey A., Katelyn, Edwina, Marlena, Allison, Chrissa, Starr, Jenn and Autumn went to experience an actual bootcamp. The ladies were split into two teams as they played games with the Blue Team winning.

Joey could only choose one member of the winning team for him to spend time with. He chose Edwina as she impressed him during the game earlier. Joey and Edwina totally enjoyed their time together and he gave her the group date rose. Some women were not happy with how things were going, especially Lauren.

Lauren appeared to think that Joey wasn't for her as he gave attention to several women. With that, she decided to self-eliminate herself, letting her sister Allison have a bigger chance to develop her relationship with Joey.

It was finally the time for the Rose Ceremony. Joey gave the roses to everyone except Erika, Marlena and Taylor W. who were sent home in Week 2.

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