Jason Sudeikis Bursts Into Laughter After His Kids Hilariously Crash ESPN Interview on Christmas
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The 'Ted Lasso' star's two children, 9-year-old Otis and 7-year-old Daisy, steal the spotlight when he discusses a basketball game on 'Bird and Taurasi Show'.

AceShowbiz - Jason Sudeikis could not help but burst into laughter during an interview with ESPN on Christmas. While giving his predictions on a basketball game between the Milwaukee Bucks and the New York Knicks, the "Ted Lasso" star had his chat hilariously crashed by his children, whom he shares with actress/filmmaker Olivia Wilde.

On Monday, December 25, the 48-year-old actor conducted his interview with co-host Sue Bird on "Bird & Taurasi Show" through a video conference call while having his two kids, 9-year-old Otis and 7-year-old Daisy, being around him. At one point, Daisy made an amusing facial expression before she and Otis let their father do his job and disappeared from the virtual interview.

Otis then appeared in the frame and snuggled up to his father. Not long after that, Daisy approached Otis and Jason before the actor told his kids to "get out" of the room. In response, co-host Sue asked Otis and Daisy, "What did you guys get for Christmas?" Otis revealed that he got a "PS5" while Daisy said that she got a stuffed animal, which she named "Gray Guy."

Later on, Daisy could be heard telling viewers to "subscribe now." Upon learning his daughter's remarks, Jason could not help but burst into laughter. Sue also giggled before asking, "Did I just hear a subscribe now? They are speaking our language." Jason replied, "Yeah, they are ready to light up the airwaves. You know, the streaming sites."

During the virtual interview, Jason, who donned a green Christmas-themed onside and Santa Claus hat, also unveiled that Otis and Daisy got another present for Christmas. He shared, "I did track down some little rolly suit suitcases that are actually double as like they're like motorized."

"They have a battery on them and they're driving them through the airport," he went on to explain. "I didn't have to wait for them and I didn't have to carry their backpacks. And they are the gift that we'll keep on giving until they're too big to use them."

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